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Tom Brady is the most Googled sports star in America in 2022, and the fourth most Googled celebrity overall. Brady has been Googled 4.06 million times per month this year. He announced his retirement from the NFL in February and recently made headlines due to his divorce from supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

     He’s perhaps the greatest football player who ever lived. He holds most every quarterback record in NFL history. He’s a household name all over the world. He’s won 7 Super Bowls. 7! Oh, and he couldn’t beat the Giants or the Eagles. Aside from that, and a few minor missteps over years, Tom Brady has been the face of American sports for the past two decades. However, would you wear his jersey? No no my friend, not a Bucs jersey, or God forbid a Patriots jersey. Would you wear a Brady number 12 jersey in your team’s colors and logos? Well, I asked around the office, and the resounding answer was YES!

I thought this could only mean one thing. Tom Brady has transcended sports and has become a pop culture icon! He’s become Mashable! Like the way you see a Yankees Tervis, or a Giants cell phone case. Camo baseball jerseys and Clark Griswald hockey sweaters. Tom Brady NFL Jerseys…For every NFL team! There is my million dollar idea, oh and it’s not out there yet, I just googled it!

Imagine the looks you would get walking down the streets of Manhattan in your Kelly Green NY Jets jersey, with number 12 on the front and back and B-R-A-D-Y across the shoulders! How about you, Big Blue fans? A nice TB12 under your tree next Christmas would be Tawmy’s  little way of saying, “Hey if ya can’t beat em’, join em!”..An Eagles fan actually ate horse sh*t from the street the night Philly beat Brady and the Pats for the championship, but you’ll be talkin’ sh*t in your shiny new blackout Brady number 12 at the Linc next season! It all sounds so wonderful.

Now I have to figure out if this is a viable side business for me or not. Maybe an online poll of all the NFL teams and their fans? Or perhaps I send this story to the legend himself and see what he thinks? Do I even bother asking Gisele ?


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