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If you own a big dog, you know life can be a bit challenging at times; obviously, it’s always worth it. We gathered a list of items that will help make life with a big dog just a bit easier.  

We’ve recently updated this list to include some additional Must Haves from one of our very own large dog owners, Kristen from BEN FM in Philadelphia. Kristen’s pup, Gloria, loves these amazing finds and we’re sure your dog will too.  

Here are 13 new items that you might want to check out if you don’t have them already. Make sure you get to the bottom of the page to see some adorable pics of Gloria! 

Easy Walk Harness

Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness Large Red

Kristen and Gloria have used this harness for over 10 years and they highly recommend it! The Easy Walk harness is great to help with leash pulling. The leash attaches in front of your dog, so they don’t have as much of an instinct to pull the thing that’s stopping them from behind. It also stops them from being choked by their collar when pulling.  

For extra protection, Kristen also adds a carabiner clip to attach the collar and easy walk, just in case Gloria slips out of their collar or harness.

Grab it now from Cherrybrook.

Dog Clothes from Tooth & Honey

With larger dogs, it’s sometimes hard to find cute clothes that won’t make them look like sausages. Kristen and Gloria swear by Tooth & Honey. They are an awesome brand that makes clothes for Pitbulls and other big dogs. They absolutely love their dog turtleneck and pajamas. Gloria is a size large in both.

Grab some now from Amazon.

Dog Sweatshirt

Here’s another great option to keep a big dog warm during the winter. Inexpensive and comfy and cute. Gloria has this sweatshirt in both black and pink and she wears them all winter long. Gloria wears a size XL in these.

Order one here on Amazon.

Food Puzzles

Outward Hound Brick Blue Puzzle for Dogs

Gloria works with Kristen each day, so to keep her stimulated she stores a few of these puzzles at the office. You put smaller treats in the compartments, and your dog must figure out a way to get to them. Sometimes Gloria looks like a genius figuring this out, and other times she just sort of throws it around until a treat pops out. Either way, she’s occupied and having a good time.

Score yours now from Cherrybrook.

Another Fun Food Puzzle

Kristen and Gloria also use this fun food puzzle at the office too, which Gloria just loves! This one also comes in various skill levels so you can help promote more brain activity and help them continue to grow.

Grab this one from Amazon.

Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo

earthbath® Hypo-Allergenic Fragrance Free for Sensitive Skin Shampoo Made in USA 16 oz

For dogs with sensitive skin, this shampoo is great for baths. It’s scent-free and hypo-allergenic.

Order now on Cherrybrook.

Oatmeal, Aloe, Vanilla & Almond Shampoo

earthbath® Oatmeal & Aloe Vanilla & Almond Conditioner Made in USA 320 oz
Cherrybrook also has several other varieties too. Gloria and Kristen like the Oatmeal & Aloe Vanilla & Almond shampoo and conditioner best.

You can grab this one from Cherrybrook too!

Kong EZ Clear Collar

KONG EZ Clear Collar - X-Large for neck sizes 14 to 21 inches

Gloria had to wear the cone of shame recently, and the vet gave her this giant plastic disaster that truly turned her into a bull in a China closet anywhere she went. We swapped it for the Kong EZ Clear Collar. It’s much smaller (and way less destructive) but kept her from getting to her wound. It also seemed like a more comfortable way for her to live and especially sleep in the cone of shame.

Get yours now from Cherrybrook.

King Classic Toy

KONG Classic Rubber Dog Toy X-Large
The Kong was one of the first toys Kristen bought for Gloria 12 years ago, and it’s still around. They’ve bought a few others since too, to keep at the office and on different floors of the house.

Buy it here.

Kong Easy Treat

KONG Liver Easy Treat

This is like Cheez-Wiz for dogs, and the perfect companion to your Kong toy! You can fill it with treats, or with peanut butter or banana and freeze it as a way to keep your dog busy with a fun treat. You can also fill it with specially made Kong products.

Order it now from Cherrybrook.

Carhartt Dog Jack

Carhartt makes a super hip heavy-duty dog jacket in 6 different colors. Gloria has both the brown/brass color and Green in a size large and she and Kristen love it. Great for big dogs too. Kristen even notes that the large size might have been a tad too big for her.

Buy it now from Amazon.

Kong Squeezz

If your dog is a big chewer, in our experience Kong toys are usually built to last. We love their squeaky balls because the squeak sticks around for more than the initial play session. We haven’t found one that she hasn’t eventually silenced, but these have held out the longest so far.

Get it here.

Boxdog Subscription

If you want a subscription for a box of new goodies for your pup each month, Boxdog has some great homemade treats, vegan skincare products, chew toys, and our favorite is their adorable Microfiber Wearable Towel with a hood. It makes even big dogs look like absolute babies. Gloria is a size XL in this one.

Start your subscription here

Merrick’s Grammy Pot Pie Wet Dog Food 

If you want some great dog food, with very fun names and flavors, Merrick has options like Granny’s Pot Pie or Thanksgiving. They also have Cowboy Cookout, Pappy’s Pot Roast dinner, and lots more. Gloria hasn’t found a flavor she doesn’t like.

Order them now from Amazon.

XXL Dog Crate

xxl dog crate

A big dog crate can be very helpful for a number of reasons; Obviously, it’s great for housetraining. But it’s a good place if you need to confine your dog, either to give a “time out,” or if you have a repair crew coming to your abode and you keep your dog out of trouble. This crate has two doors to make it easier to get your buddy out and it also folds up nicely for when you need to travel with it. 

Grab one now from Amazon.

Black Rhino Durable Dog Collar

black rhino dog collar

Your dog will look sharp in this reflective dog collar that will help the dog be visible at night or from far away when outside. It even comes in many colors.

Order now on Amazon.

Giant Tennis Ball Dog Toy

giant tennis ball for dogs

This is just fun and if you have a Great Dane, it will even fit into your dog’s mouth. This durable giant tennis ball should last for quite a while. Also, its nontoxic, non-abrasive felt is safe for your dog’s teeth.

Buy it here.

XL Dog T-Shirts

extra large dog sweaters

Dressing up your dog has become quite popular. If you’re going to look cool, why shouldn’t your dog? These t-shirts are easy to put on your dog and come in an array of colors.

Order them now from Amazon.

XL Tactical Dog Harness

large dog breed harness

A good fitting dog harness is a great way to keep control of your big dog outside or even in the house. This comfortable harness comes in some great camo colors too.

Snag this from Amazon.

Large adjustable Dog Bowls and Stand

large stand and dog bowls

An elevated dog bowl is a must for big dog owners, so he/she doesn’t have to bend down so much while eating and it is adjustable to your dogs size.

Buy them now from Amazon.

XXL Dog Bed

large breed dog bed
Dog beds seem so small so if you have a big dog, you should have a big bed to make your dog as comfortable as possible. This one shaped like a donut, is self-heating and also washable with “superior body support.”

Get it here.

Bigger dogs need bigger things. We hope these large breed dog items inspire you to get something new for your pet.

Check out these photos of Kristin and Gloria, featuring some of the products recommended by Kristin.

Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at