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Of the many traditions that there are for Christmas, Advent Calendars have always eluded my interest. Now my wife, on the other hand, is all about them. She has been talking about them for more than a month. She even follows YouTube channels where a woman just opens Advent Calendars!  

There is no shortage of food and drink-themed calendars. What about nerdy though? I see Keurig (Which I just got my wife because she wouldn’t stop talking about Advent Calendars), all manner of candy and chocolates, and tiny Mattel toys.  

But, they really didn’t appeal to me because the theme has usually been to open a door and get chocolate. I have no problem with chocolate, love it. But, where’s the excitement for a Nerd like me? There have always been some Star Wars Advents and I would probably gravitate towards those. 

However, now there are a bunch of nerdy, sci-fi, and fantasy to choose from! Star Wars will never stop being interesting, but now other genres have entered the advent arena. So here are some of the more interesting and cool Nerdy Advent Calendars. 

  • Hans Gruber Dropped Nakatomi Plaza

    Yippie Ki-YAY! Relive the final scene of one of the arguably best Christmas movies, DIE HARD! Lol, yes I know it doesn’t have the same Xmas feels of Christmas Story or Jiggle All The Way, but it takes place during Christmas! So, that’s my whole argument.

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  • Official Harry Potter Potions Advent Calendar

    You’re a Wizard HARRY! Or close enough. There are LOTS of Harry Potter Advent Calendars. As well there should be. There should be no lack of Harry Potter everything. HUFFLEPUFF FOR LIFE! Anyway, this one seems more interesting to me as it has little compartments and secrets which is very fitting for Harry Potter fans. 

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  • Fallout: The Official Vault Dweller's Advent Calendar

    Back into Vault 13! Fallout is one of the best sandbox world games I have ever played. I was hooked from Fallout 3 which came out in 2008. It still rocks today! But Fallout 4 is even better! The odd comedy and mutant apocalypse appeal to me. And what better way to celebrate a Vault 13 Christmas than with a Fallout Advent Calendar?  

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  • Dungeons & Dragons: The Official Countdown Gift Calendar

    HUHZAH! Bring the Dragon to his doom! And all those cool things you get to say as a 13th Level Dwarf Fighter! I love Dungeon and Dragons and with the release of the movie and Stranger Things, there is no better time to be into DND. And for the adoring Gelatinous Cube fan, we have another calendar! 

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  • LEGO Star Wars 2023 Advent Calendar Holiday Building Set

    LUKE! I AM YOUR FATHER! Yes! Star Wars, few things get the nerd fired up more than Star Wars. And I have to say the Mandalorian and Ahsoka have got me RIGHT into the fold. Come on, how can anyone not love Baby Yoda (that’s his name forever, no matter what anyone says)? And for me I would go with the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar.  

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  • Star Trek Borg Cube Advent Calendar

    There are FOUR LIGHTS! Well if we have Star Wars, we can’t be far from Star Trek! During my layoff during Covid, I spent that time valuably re-watching the entire Star Trek Next Generation. And it still holds water today as one of the best shows ever. And what is cooler than a BORG Advent Calendar? A little pricey, but it’s THE BORG CUBE! 

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