5 Awesome AC/DC Music Videos

Angus Young celebrates his 62nd birthday today (March 31). While AC/DC's future is uncertain for now, one thing is for sure:  They've cranked out some of the best rock tracks and videos of all time.  In honor of Young's birthday, here are five of our favorite music videos from the band that are sure to…

An Ode To Guitar Face

If there's one thing better than how guitarists play it's the faces they make when they play. Some look cool; some look frightening, but they're all entertaining no matter how you slice it.

…And Now, A GIF Ode To Angus Young

When AC/DC came on the scene in 1976 with their first international release High Voltage, guitarist Angus Young, with his frenetic stage presence and school boy uniform, was unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  Four decades later, he’s still the same wild (now man-child) we know and love.

GALLERY: Celebrating Malcolm Young On His Birthday

Today we celebrate the 63rd birthday of one of Rock’s giants, Malcolm Young. While it’s been a rough couple of years for Malcolm with his declining health and dementia diagnosis, we sure are thankful for all the music he and AC/DC brought into our lives. Here’s a photographic look back at Malcolm and AC/DC through…