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That’s right, it’s your resident TikTok lover. I spend more time on TikTok than I probably should and as a pet owner, I love all of the pet content. Watching dogs and cats do absolutely hilarious things is what brings me great joy. But as a fellow pet owner as well, I’m definitely one of those people who is constantly trying to make my life owning a pet a little easier. And rather than spend hours on TikTok scrolling for those items, I’ve done the work for you! Here are some really great pet products TikTok just won’t stop talking about. 

  • 1) The Chom Chom Roller

    Do I tell everyone about this product? Yes. Will that ever stop? Probably not. As someone whose dog is literally always shedding I have to vacuum quite a bit. But sometimes the vacuum doesn’t get the whole couch clean. That’s where the Chom Chom comes in. This thing picks up so much more. I find myself using this more often than the vacuum on the couch and other like surfaces because it just does the job better.

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  • 2) Travel Dog Water Bottle and Treat Holder

    It has been a hot summer. And taking my dog for a walk has been difficult because she’s starting to get older and she has a very dark, heavy coat. This dog water bottle has been such a blessing for her. The one end of the bottle allows you to fill it with water and act as bowl, giving her a much-needed drink when the sun is too hot. Plus the bottom of the container stores treats so you can give your pet a nice little bonus for being well-behaved on their walk.

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  • 3) Petcube Bites 2 Lite

    Okay, yes, I’m nosy when it comes to my pets and I absolutely want to know what they’re up to. That’s where this Petcube comes into play. If you have to go somewhere and your pet is unable to come with you, the Petcube allows you to not only see a video of how your pet is doing, but this Bites 2 Lite also has voice connectivity so you can talk to your pet and also allows you to throw treats their way.  

    Get It Now From Petcube
  • 4) Cat Hammocks

    My cat loves napping in the sun. So much so that the only thing that truly gets her out of the sun while napping is the sound of food hitting the bottom of her bowl. Now I don’t know about you, but my cat is one of those cats that love to sit on anything as well. So if there is stuff in her normal sunbathing spot, well that’s just too bad because she will lay on it. That’s why I added these to my cart. The cat hammock suction cups to your window and can hold up to 30lbs. For some folks that’s two whole cats! I can’t wait for this to come in because I know my cat is going to really love having her own designated napping spot.

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  • 5) Lick Mats

    A really good friend of mine bought these for her cat and she swears by them. These lick mats are great for putting squeezable treats and peanut butter on, they also have been said to help with boredom and anxiety.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 6) Dog Paw Cleaner

    This honestly has looked like a lifesaver for folks on TikTok. Dogs have a tendency to get muddy. And since I know those days of rain are always around the corner, I know I will be needing this very soon. It’s a simple and easy way to clean your dog’s paws off before they get into the house. That way you’re not mopping a ton of muddy paw prints off your floor.

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  • 7) Pet Talking Buttons

    If you’re a serious TikTok viewer then I’m sure you’ve seen these buttons before! I am frequently entranced by the way owners have trained their pets to essentially talk to them. This little kit is a starter kit so you can train your pets to let you know when they need to go to the bathroom, need food, or basically whatever you want to train them to do. And if you haven’t already checked out @whataboutbunny on TikTok you need to because Bunny is practically speaking in full sentences and asking questions!

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 8) Pet Box Subscription

    There are tons of pet box subscriptions out there. And I love watching pets get new fun things. This one from BoxDog is a ton of fun! Every box comes with 2 handmade treat bags, 1 specialty item, and 2-3 you-pick monthly items. There are a couple different subscription packages including monthly and quarterly options. Your pet is going to go nuts for these products.

    Learn More Here on BoxDog
  • 9) Cat Self Grooming Corners

    Okay, these are so great to have around the house. These are self-grooming cat corners that my cat has thoroughly loved. I’ve put them on the corners of some of my walls and I seriously see her go up and rub against them a few times every day. She loves it! I’ve even seen folks on TikTok put them on table legs and chairs.

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  • 10) Pet Water Fountain

    My cat used to drink of the sink. She would jump up on the counter (or sometimes scream at me to pick her up so she could be on the counter) and then demand that I turn on the faucet for her. Once I got this pet water fountain though I didn’t have to do that anymore. Cats love running water for whatever reason and so getting this was honestly such a blessing. Now my cat only screams at me when it’s 4 in the morning and I’m trying to use the bathroom but she wants to be fed. Another big perk is that even my dog has found herself enjoying this. So it’s great for both cat and dog families!

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 11) Slicker Brush

    Remember when I mentioned all the shedding in my house? My dog sheds a lot and honestly so does my cat. These slicker brushes are great for helping deshed your pet. They work on both dogs and cats, are easy to clean, and they really help you keep your pet’s coat clean and shiny. All big wins in my book!

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