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Number 1 Dog Breed In Jersey ! See If You Agree

Well Rat Rock Nation it looks like we went to the polls on what is the number 1 dog breed here in the Garden State, and it comes down to the wire but the French Bulldog came out on top. Not only did it come out on top here in New Jersey but it looks like it came across the United States as well. I think all the beautiful dogs are top notch no matter what breed they are, but those cute ears and getting lost in those eyes I can see why that breed of dog came out on top. The French Bulldog better known as a "Frenchie " came along way with the voting poll. It looks like they didn't even touch the charts back in 2013. I have a bunch of friends of mine that do have the most popular breed known as the French Bulldog and they do agree with the amount of love they have for their pup and all the votes that came in for the lovely pup. So my question to you Rat Rockers  is what is your favorite breed of the lovely dogs out there. I know my parents are huge favorites of the dog breed Boxers, as they did have 2 of them that came across my life and fell in there lap. The Rats very own Jimmy Steal even took a love to the Boxer breed and has two himself. Maybe we should take our own poll if you disagree and tell us here at the Rat what is your favorite breed of dogs. Let us know right down here in the comment section below and tell us, and even share of bunch of pics of your pup that you fell in love with and a nice story on how you got your lovely dog. Thank you for reading and putting eyes on this post and much love and always rocking out with us here on 95.9 The Rat- Gotts [select-gallery gallery_id="805900" syndication_name="bark-in-the-park-2022" description="yes"] [select-gallery gallery_id="772981" syndication_name="95-9-wrats-park-in-the-park-2021" description="yes"] [select-gallery gallery_id="641740" syndication_name="bark-in-the-park-2019" description="yes"]