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Top Things To Look Forward To On St. ‘Ratrick’s” Season For 2024

Rat Rock Nation heads up, it is only 2 WEEKS from the St. Patrick's Parade here in Belmar/Lake Como to start the Irish season.  It will be the 51st parade that will be hosted. Here at the RAT we love this time of year, and we want to help out. Through the years of doing this parade and the others, we picked up on a lot of things that will get you through it and be more comfortable. Look out for the crazy times and be ready for the fun as well. Get more information on the Belmar/Lake Como Parade by clicking right HERE. Don't Forget To Check Out These Bars Too During The Belmar/Lake Como Parade: Bar A Boathouse Anchor Tavern Salty's Bar Tenth Ave Burrito Joe's Surf Shack McCanns Every House Party Heights 27 Kellys Jacks By The Tracks D'Jais St Stephen's Green Darcy's Spring Lake Tap House Marine Grille The Headliner Beach Haus Brewery Pete And Elda's Bar Flames Just to name a few and feel free to add more in case I missed one, please. The drinking will be going on that is for sure. The Jersey Shore always knows how to party. Just remember to be respectful and let's not get locked up. Check out East Side Dave from last year. GOOD TIMES! [caption id="attachment_971243" align="aligncenter" width="768"] East Side Dave Checks In With The Toilet On St Patrick's Parade.[/caption] Firstly, the bathrooms are NOT open to the public here at The Rat Studios! The parade does kick off at 12:30 pm on Sunday, March 3rd right in Lake Como. This beautiful parade goes down Main Street down into Belmar to 5th Ave. In the years past, and for the last 20 years that I have been attending you see a lot of stuff. You will see people coming off the trains from all over and rocking that green attire. To the a couple of people just throwing up and not caring.  It is for all ages, so don't let that scare you. You get to let that guard down and just leave your problems behind. The best part is we are broadcasting live right out front of the 95.9 Rat studios so stop by and say hello to all your favorite DJs at The Rat. Let's get into a list and please add more in the comment section below. Top Things You Will Need For The St Patrick's Parade On The Jersey Shore: BEER STAY WARM SHOTS " WE RECOMMEND JAMESON" MORE BEER BUY GOTTS A BEER A GREAT SPOT TO SEE THE PARADE A BIG THANK YOU THAT ALL THAT SERVE NICE CHAIRS BAIL MONEY AND MOST OF ALL A SAFE RIDE HOME [caption id="attachment_781731" align="aligncenter" width="640"] The Morning Rat Race- Gotts[/caption] We love you Jersey Shore and don't forget to make sure we all keep it safe. Thank you for always rocking out with me and 95.9 The Rat. Get more stories by clicking right HERE. Much love and cheers- Gotts [select-gallery gallery_id="869489" syndication_name="gallery-belmar-st-patricks-day-parade-2023" description="yes"]      

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