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6 Crazy New Jersey Laws That Will Blow Your Mind

Well, we all have our stories about getting crazy or knowing someone who is, but here is a list of 6 crazy laws that you could get busted for in New Jersey. Some of these will really scratch your head, and wonder if someone in law enforcement is really going to investigate this. This is all reported by the Law Offices Of Joseph A Rutigliano. I wonder who even comes up with some of these, and why waste your time. I would bet there are some law enforcement and lawyers who don't even know these crazy laws exist. I also would be laughing my ass off if you or know someone who has been issued a ticket for one of these. 6 Crazy Laws In New Jersey You Should Check Out: Some people do really need to zoom out and see that there are a lot of other laws that should be passed, but you don't want to be getting a ticket or even worse, get arrested for something silly like this. I know a bunch of people who have complained about getting a ticket for going over the speed limit, and it was just 2mph over the speed limit. Another story I'll share someone got a ticket for having a non-alcoholic at a bar, and the police were called and told him that the bar called them to say he was too drunk. I'm sure you have your own other stories you can share. There are a lot of crazy, weird laws, but on this list, I'm giving you 6 of the craziest laws that caught my eye, and what my ears heard. These wacky laws take it to another level I promise. So down below is the list, have a good laugh and share it with friends, family, or around the office and please be careful out there.  Thank you for taking the time out to check this list out and always rocking out with me and 95.9 The Rat. You can get more stories by clicking right HERE. Much Love and Cheers. - Gotts HERE IS THE LIST OF THE TOP 6 CRAZY LAWS IN NEW JERSEY

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