Get to know- Heather- Miss July


Hometown: Brick, NJ

Ambitions: Nurse Practitioner

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Sports Team:  Don’t watch sports 🙁

My Strange Talent is:  Drums

Dream Vacation:  Hawaii

Hobby or Hobbies: Olympic weight lifting


Perfect First Date: beach date

Guilty Pleasure: chocolate

What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?  curiosity

What Do You Feel Most Sexy Wearing?  Gym Clothes

When I Sleep I Wear:  T-Shirt

My Favorite Body Part On Me:  Lips

My Favorite Body Part On Men (or women):   Teeth/Lips


Favorite Song to Sing:  “Ain’t no rest for the wicked”- Cage the Elephant

Best Concert Experience:  Seether- Played on stage during rehearsal @ age 12

Who is a celebrity you identify with & why: Jennifer Garner- some people have told me I look like her

What are 3 things you couldn’t live without?  Coffee, weights, and ocean activities

Pets: 2 black Cats

What phobia do you have? Spiders

If I won the Lottery, the first thing I’d do isbuy a new car- Subaru WRX

What is something you want WRAT listeners to know about you:   Strong Ambition- front line worker as a travel nurse.