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Town: Belmar Favorite WRAT Band: Pink Floyd What makes you a WRAT Calendar Girl? I love music! I have the energy and a unique look! 🙂

Before we get started:  Many, many thanks to everyone who submitted their bio and pic for the 2021 calendar.  We had one of the best turnouts we’ve ever had for our calendar contest and, quite frankly, we’re feeling the love over here.  So, big props to everyone!  

Seriously hard decisions were made to get us where we are… but the hardest decision is yet to come!  Thankfully, we’ll have YOUR help in deciding who makes the Top 12!  And your help in deciding who wins the $5,000 and the honorary cover of our 2021 Rock Girl Calendar! 

Here’s what we need ya to do right now:  Cast a vote for your favorites in the 2021 Rat Rock Girl Calendar Search!  We’ll count all the votes and announce the Top 12 on December 1st at noon! 

You can vote once per hour.  Good luck to the awesome women who are in the Top 32!