Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg at the premiere of "The Truth About Charlie" at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills, Ca. Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2002. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“We have a car waiting for him at halftime to get him the hell out of there.”

Donnie Wahlberg is not only trolling his brother for leaving the game early last year, he wants to make sure that Mark Wahlberg doesn’t disrupt any cosmic superstitions.

For those who don’t know, when Marky Mark left last year’s Super Bowl LI, the New England Patriots made a historic comeback, causing a win. Obviously, since Mark was not present, this became a funny superstition for Donnie. Mark says it was because he was having issues with his son, who wasn’t taking the game well.

He told Boston’s 98.5 Sports Hub station the following:

“Well it’s Super Bowl time, I better release another statement about that…He wisely won’t bring the kids this year… But we still have a car waiting for him at halftime to get him the hell out the door.”

It’s not because he doesn’t want his brother at the game, but Boston fans are superstitious as they come, so Donnie says “I don’t care if we’re up 58-0 at halftime,… you gotta go, Mark.”

Listen to the audio here:


Mark Wahlberg isn’t the only celebrity to suffer a Sports Superstition Curse in Boston. The Boston Red Sox had the same issue with Ben Affleck, who fell victim to his own Boston-related curse. The Sox had not won a game on Ben’s Birthday since ‘Good Will Hunting’ was in theatres (1998). The curse finally broke in 2015 when the Sox got a win over the Seattle Mariners.



The big game starts this Sunday at 6:30 between the Philidelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, with Justin Timberlake at halftime.


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