We are proud to welcome the following teachers to the WRAT Teachers Who Rock  Class of 2019.



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Student Assistance Counselor at Neptune High School
Nominated by Vice Principal Kevin McCarthy

Callie is the school assistance counselor. Her therapy background is of great use as she supports students in many walks of student life. She guides kids in the Early College High School program as students transition into college.

Plus, Ms. Peters’ work as the school anti-bullying specialist not only helps students deal with difficult situations but also creates a safe environment for learning.

Students in Neptune High make better choices because of Callie’s influence and that’s why we’re looking forward to honoring her at this year’s Teachers Who Rock awards dinner.


Transition Coordinator at Regional Day School in Manchester Twp
Nominated by co-worker Carol Liik

As Transition Coordinator in Manchester Township, she sets students with special needs on a path towards greatness in the community.

Leaning job skills and social skills is only part of her plan for special needs kids as she works with local agencies to deal with the mountains of paperwork required, helps navigate programs that may apply on a local, state and national level … and does it all as if it were just water under the bridge.

Having a kid with special needs like autism or a learning or physical disability is a scary, lonely, up-hill battle for parents. Renee makes it better all the way around, for parent AND student.

Mrs. Agro’s knowledge and organization, backed by a heart filled with compassion is landing a special honor for her this week and we’ll be proud to honor her at our Teachers Who Rock awards dinner.

3rd Grade Teacher at Whiting Elementary School
Nominated by: Meagan Drapkin

Whiting Elementary SchoolMrs. Shappell is constantly analyzing her teaching, teaching style, and lessons to make sure she is meeting the needs of every single student in her classroom.

Jennifer is incredibly successful in creating a student environment of safety, respect and love of learning. She provides a room where taking risks and failing are allowed as long as you’re putting your best effort forward. Jennifer knows that learning often comes from trying again after making a mistake.

To be an extraordinary teacher doesn’t mean your room looks like a Pinterest or Instagram board, it means you are 150% dedicated to your students. For her, decorations don’t matter: dedication does.

So for making such a profound difference in the lives of every student that has ever walked into her classroom, we’re proud to honor Jennifer Shappell of Whiting Elementary as a Teacher Who Rocks.

Health & Physical Education Teacher at Howell High
Nominated by: John Gagliano

Howell High SchoolWhat Todd brings to the table is 16 years of determination and perseverance. His specialty is adapting physical activity to each individual student as he teaches the benefits of life long physical health.

Over the years, Todd’s own physical challenges have provided his students with their own inspiration as they watch him overcome hip, neck and back issues of his own. He teaches from experience with the knowledge that inspiration matters every day.

Mr. Going’s work as Howell High School wrestling coach is an important part of his success story as a teacher and mentor. He can be counted on for good counsel and direction as he strives to show by example how to work through adversity and pain towards success.

Today we’re shouting out Todd Going of Howell High School as a 2019 Rat Radio Teacher Who Rocks. Another award winner is next, stay tuned!

Physical Education Teacher/Lakewood Middle School
Nominated by: Dr. Scott Horowitz, Vice-Principal

Mr. Fry’s colleagues use the words, “patience” and, “adaptability” when describing his teaching methods.

They say he is a leader and role model to his students. He models values such as leadership, teamwork, and good sportsmanship… and he treats the people around him with respect. What more could students and teachers alike ask for?

Beyond being a creative and supportive teacher, John also serves as a coach for multiple sports including: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track and Wrestling. Plus, he’s has ten years of leadership of the school’s Special Olympics team to be proud of.

Today we want to add something else for John Fry to be proud of: He’s a Teacher Who Rocks at Lakewood Middle School.

Special Education Teacher at Ridgeway Elementary School/Machester Twp.
Nominated by: Nikki Mazur, Principal 

Mrs. Greenstein has so many roles in her school; it’s hard to know where to begin. As assistant to the principal, she’s always coordinating after school activities.

Samantha is Ridgeway’s Dyslexia Coordinator, an Intervention and Referral Services Coordinator, and an Anti-Bullying Specialist. And yet, in the classroom she’s diligent in finding ways to inspire and motivate learning by being fun and engaging.

Nurturing, passionate, creative, understanding and captivating are all words that easily describe how students and staff see her every day.

But, what’s interesting is that Samantha is always learning as well and her personal growth is reflected in her desire to serve every aspect of Ridgeway life. She’s a WRAT Radio Teacher Who Rocks.

3rd & 4th Grade Special Education Teacher at Manchester Township Elementary School
Nominated by: Linda Waldron, Principal

Ms. Clarke believes in educating the whole child: believing that building self-esteem and confidence will help students be successful in and out of the classroom.  As a special education teacher, she patiently assists her struggling students and challenges them to be the best they can be.

The positive culture and climate Tiffany has developed is contagious. Her use of “Hocus Focus” and “You are Smart, Kind and Important” allows all her students to feel socially and emotionally supported.

With a Pre-Law degree from Liberty University and a Masters from Georgian Court University, Ms. Clarke took a position in Manchester Township and the rest is history!

9th-12th Grade Business teacher at Jackson Memorial High School
Nominated by: Arlene Wacha, Co-Teacher

Even after more than 10 years on the job, Mr. Nye treats each day as a new day to help students thrive. His main goal is success, and it’s contagious for all of his business students.

How special are Christopher’s classes? Special enough to have waiting lists for his classes like Mock Trial, Business Law, and International Business.   Yep, students consider being in his class an honor and it shows in their work and dedication.

Chris is the adviser of the National winning Future Business Leaders of America and has had the winning team in Stock Market Games. He also helps the entire district with knowledge and guidance in investing as teachers use his advice to save for retirement.

Despite his exuberant energy, Mr. Nye is approachable and down to earth. That’s why we honor Christopher Nye of Jackson Memorial High as a Teacher Who Rocks.

10th-12th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Brick Township Memorial High School
Nominated by: Michael Fitzgerald, Co-Teacher

Earl Mosely, a social studies teacher at Brick Memorial High School. After a 14 year career in the Marines – in which he reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel – Earl turned his attention to education. He eventually became a school principal, but his love of teaching returned him to the classroom.

Earl constantly challenges his students to think deeper about the world they live in. His students are expected to delve into the reasons behind historical or current topics. He teaches the importance of supporting opinions from multiple perspectives instead of simply repeating popular views.

Mr. Mosley supports students academically and emotionally. He also takes the subject of bullying very seriously and – as the Anti-Bullying Coordinator – is responsible for overseeing every reported case of harassment, intimidation, and bullying for all 12 schools in the district. His caring is deep and genuine.

For being a voice for students who feel they have none… for being dedicated to education in the true, individual sense, today we’re shouting out Earl Mosley of Brick Memorial High. He’s got the goods to be a Teacher Who Rocks!

4th Grade Teacher at Bayville Elementary School
Nominated by: Regina Avenoso, Co-Teacher

Nina’s talents are felt all over the school: From the school garden, to the school food drive. From helping colleagues with car trouble to working on the school plays… and most importantly integrating these experiences into meaningful lessons for her fourth grade class.

Mrs. Britton helped created the BEAK patrol. .. an acronym for Beautiful Earth and Air Keepers. The students involved in this club plant, maintain and harvest produce grown in this community garden. Kids get their hands dirty learning skills that for many are lost in the digital age.

As an active member of Berkeley Township Educational and Environmental Foundation, Mrs. Britton launched the Nature Study Building. Each year Mrs. Britton devotes time to supervise students at Stokes State Forest, an outdoor program run by Montclair State University School of Conservation.

Mrs. Britton ensures that every student she teaches has an unforgettable experience at Bayville School and we’re looking forward to honoring her at our awards dinner in the spring.

1st Grade Teacher at Red Bank Primary School
Nominated by: Dana Slipek, Reading Interventionist

What Maribel knows is that students need academic, emotional, and behavioral support. Maribel hits all of those factors and then some.

Mrs. Romero’s ability to educate students comes naturally. She is energetic, nurturing and determined. Her energetic, upbeat and lively personality, keep students happy, laughing and engaged throughout the school year

Her teaching methods are almost always a hands-on experience for students. She often seeks out local experts on the topics she teaches to make lessons more real.

Not only is Mrs. Romero committed to her student’s success, she works hard to make sure her colleagues succeed as well by sharing her experiences and tools with colleagues.

We’re shouting out Maribel Romero of Red Bank Elementary. She’s got the goods to be a Teacher Who Rocks!

7-8th Grade Science and PE Teacher at Lacey Township Middle School
Nominated by: Mallory Krakovsky, Child Study Team

Lance is a very passionate teacher, who has a unique role as both a science teacher and a PE teacher. He is a true team player, who helps all students and staff members without being asked.

On any given day, you can find Mr. Sampieri motivating students in gym or creating exciting lessons in the science lab. He coaches girl’s volleyball, co-ed track and is the assistant coach to boys basketball team. Incredibly, he also volunteers his time to help supervise at sporting events, school dances and oversees the 8th grade promotion.

Of particular importance to Lacey Township Middle School is the fact that Lance is a member of the CORE team that supports students in crisis. He is also a district trainer for teaching his colleagues in CPI crisis intervention training. This alone would make him a Teacher Who Rocks!

4th Grade Teacher at Clara B. Worth
Nominated by Cara Burton, Principal

Words used to describe Ms. Jarossy are: dedicated, hard-working, loving, caring, and compassionate… and that’s just getting started.

One of Ms. Jarossy’s greatest strengths is her unique ability to connect personally with ANY student. She often shares life lessons from her personal experiences to help students understand and connect. Education is a 24 hour a day thing for her.

She is looked up to by her students of course, but she is greatly admired by her colleagues, parents, and administration as well. She takes risks with ease, knowing that the payoff will likely be a better learning environment for all.

Today, we’re shouting out Tracey Jarossy of the Clara B Worth school. She’s got the goods to be a Teacher Who Rocks!

Basic Skills Teacher at Ocean Acres Elementary in Manahawkin
Nominated by Principal Susan D’Alessandro

First and second grade kids who are fortunate enough to land in Mrs. Bradley’s class learn quickly that they’re a lucky bunch.

Elizabeth believes every student can learn but knows that every student does not learn the same way. Therefore, she’s constantly tweaking so each child achieves at their highest ability.

Mrs. Bradley’s students always feel safe and free to learn from their mistakes; they work as a community of learners and are surrounded by the positive support. Her consistent attitude for kids is: Yes you can.

Elizabeth’s 18 year educational journey thrives on the same enthusiasm today as it did on day one.

Today, we’re shouting out Elizabeth Bradley of Ocean Acres Elementary in Manahawkin. She’s got the goods to be a Teacher Who Rocks!

Teacher of the Handicapped at Marlboro Middle School
Nominated by Sue Hermann, co-teacher

Caolan works with students with various disabilities and changes all of her math lessons to benefit each and every one of her students. Her focus is on teaching real life skills to her students because this will help them in the real world.

Mrs. Sinisi’s students real world experience is translated into the school students store every week. Her students work in the store every day, getting the real-life experience and building confidence with each responsibility met.

Any student who has Mrs. Sinisi for a teacher is incredibly lucky. Any teacher who works with her is lucky to benefit from her experience, knowledge, and love of the students. Her students leave her class prepared for their future math experiences.

Special Education Teacher at Warren Wolf Elementary School in Brick
Nominated by Amanda Marinaro, 8th Grade Science/STEM Teacher at Memorial Middle School

Today we honor the efforts of Heather Scott of Warren Wolf Elementary school in Brick. Mrs. Scott is a teacher of special needs students and though she’s only 5 short years in – she brings incredible depth of experience and knowledge to her craft every day.

Heather’s first-hand home life experience taught her the patience that her students require and that experience helps her create an educational environment that can meet so many children’s needs.

Her dedication to her students is only matched by Mrs. Scott’s drive to learn more about the teaching arts: and as such she’s always seeking out more training and courses to make herself a better educator.

Students and parents alike end up appreciating Mrs. Scott’s efforts and the mutual respect that she earns every day is impressive to everyone who comes in contact with her.

Today, we’re shouting out Heather Scott of Warren Wolf Elementary. She’s got the goods to be a Teacher Who Rocks!

Special Education (Language Arts and Mathematics) teacher at Southern Regional Middle School in Manahawkin.
Nominated by fellow teacher Sara Line

Amazingly, Mrs. Cimino is a jack of all trades, certified in Language Arts and Mathematics. This allows her to assist students with whatever concepts they find difficult.

She illustrates patience daily, has a gentle tone and gives positive reinforcement to children who often feel that they will fail before they even begin. Somehow, Sara seems to have a sixth sense which tells her which students need some extra encouragement – an extra kind word – or an extra few moments that can mean the difference between success and failure.

But, Mrs. Cimino isn’t content with excellence in the classroom. She’s an inspiration for other teachers as well: Be it working with the SCIP program or advising the Leo Club or even volunteering in out-of-school programs through her church: where ever teaching , self-improvement and caring for others meet: You’ll find Sara Cimino.

4th Grade Teacher at Walnut Street Elementary School
Nominated by Shea Gainey, Kindergarten Teacher

Everything in Paige’s classroom is about positivity and encouragement as she knows that each of her students has the potential to do amazing things.

One thing that sets Mrs. Gray apart as a teacher is that she is a life-long learner herself. Page is constantly learning about new ways to inspire learning in young people. She brings the curiosity of thought to the classroom with her every day.

Her dedication shows too, because twice a week she volunteers to stay after school hours to offer help to any student that needs it.

When they leave her classroom in June, not only are her students prepared academically, but they leave with confidence and pride that all people need to walk tall.

8th Grade Science Teacher at Red Bank Middle School
Nominated by Mary Wyman, Vice-Principal

Who’s got the energy, the spirit and enthusiasm? Who BRINGS IT EVERY SINGLE DAY? Costa. Yep, he’s got Red Bank Middle school rockin’ with science so good that just about any kid that has walked the halls will forever remember Mr. Costa as THE MAN with THE PLAN.

Mr. Costa’s hands-on science lessons inspire and promote thought and creativity for all his students. Mark teaches locally, but thinks globally as his students become responsible citizens who care for, respect, and protect our planet.

Plus, his volunteer work as year book photographer and athletics coach gives him even more opportunity to teach, lead, and inspire greatness.

Today, we’re shouting out Mark Costa of Red Bank Middle School. He’s got the goods to be a Teacher Who Rocks!

12th Grade English Teacher at Freehold Township High School
Nominated by fellow teacher Erica Latz

Mrs. English is the teacher who inspires. She cultivates an atmosphere of higher learning, of reaching higher than you reached the day before… and her students rise to the occasion.

Beth leads on multiple levels: Get this: She is the head of the Patriot Pride Committee and is in charge of Special Strides. She is part of the Athletic Alumni Association. But: This year she is helping build school morale amongst the students by implementing Patriot Nation Week. And starting just this year as well is the Patriot F.A.M group, that’s Female Athletic Leadership: whereby upper class female athletes inspire younger female athletes.

Perhaps it is by coaching THREE different sports for THREE different classes that she’s come to realize the potential of each individual to lead. Perhaps it’s the fact that, even after 18 years on the job, she treats each day as an opportunity. Perhaps it’s just because she’s a Teacher Who Rocks. We’ll be proud to honor today’s two honorees at our awards dinner in the spring.

Art Teacher at Hazlet Middle School
Nominated by Principal Christine McCoid

What is interesting about Mrs. Toal is that she realizes that the arts can be an educational connection beyond art… That students who struggle academically can excel in her classroom and take that success towards their other educational goals.

Laura’s classes are filled with diverse groups of students working side-by-side on works of art in a multitude of fields.

Making an extra effort, Laura seized upon an opportunity to have her students learn about community with their art: She created a program whereby some students’ projects are sold to raise money for various community things: like making food donations or raising money for a holiday food drive.

This kind of thinking sets teachers like Laura Toal of Hazlet Middle School apart and it’s just one small reason why we’re psyched to honor her as a Teacher Who Rocks!

7th Grade Math Teacher at Lacey Township Middle School
Nominated by fellow teacher, Kathleen Cafiero

Getting to academics first: MJ is aces. She strives for teaching excellence every day. But: Mrs. Iachetta also makes an instant connection with students, which is important because as 7th graders they’re already nervous enough with the whole, “new school” challenges.

MJ is synonymous with Lacey Township Middle School as she is involved in nearly every activity in school. From crazy spiked hair day to the pep rally, to helping new comers navigate the new building: MJ is like a lighthouse in the building.

Mrs. Iachetta’s hard work shows years and years later when former students come back with a message for current 7th graders: pay attention to this one: This teacher is special.

This is the sort of special teacher that our Teachers Who Rock awards program was created for: We’ll be proud to honor MJ Iachetta at our awards program in the spring.

Special Education Teacher at Berkeley Township Elementary
Nominated by Daniel Prima, Principal

Berkeley Township Schools

Mrs. Frawley knows the importance of connections. For her, education continues beyond the school walls. She holds several family activities throughout the school year because when a child is placed in Mrs. Frawley’s class – the whole family becomes part of that class.

Angela believes in all of her students and challenges them daily. She takes pride in what she does and is always looking for ways to elevate her approach to teaching. Angela is someone who is a lifelong learner and the students within her classroom are lucky to have such a caring and nurturing professional as their teacher.

Mrs. Frawley is constantly mobile in her classroom; her work ethic is inspiring as she only accepts only the best efforts from her students.

Today, we’re proud to welcome Angela Frawley of Berkeley Township Elementary School into the 2019 Class of Teachers Who Rock