Eight Crazy Nights In Rock History

Tonight (December 24) marks the first night of Hanukkah, and thanks to Adam Sandler referring to the holiday as “Eight Crazy Nights,” we thought we’d look back at eight crazy nights in rock history.  Enjoy!

Megadeth And 7 Other Bands With Beers

Dave Mustaine celebrates his birthday today (September 13th), and in addition to his seemingly endless tour schedule, he and Megadeth are branching out into the beer business and will soon be releasing a Megadeth-branded beer.  

Bands With Beers

For some people, every day is National Beer Day, but if you want to get technical about it, this very serious “holiday” falls on April 7th.  So, besides actually drinking beer today, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by recognizing some of the bands with their own beer brands.  Cheers!

Kid Rock And Other Rockers That Have Gone Country

Kid Rock turns ___ today (January 17th), and looking back at his catalog, we can’t help but notice how much his sound has evolved as he’s grown as an artist, with his last two albums being his biggest forays into country music. Of course, he’s not the first rocker to do so. Here’s a look…