Step into the Dohyo on June 15 and experience the raw power and tradition of World Championship Sumo at Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena Atlantic City on Saturday, June 15th  

Prepare for an extraordinary display of strength, skill, and fortitude, as the world’s top sumo wrestlers gather for the World Championship Sumo event.

Sumo is both the oldest and the national sport of Japan. The object of the match is to either shove, throw, or push your opponent out of the ring, or onto the floor. A match only ends when a body part other than the bottoms of a wrestler’s feet touches the ground.

Witness this mass of humanity as these larger-than-life athletes compete for glory and honor.

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and excitement of sumo wrestling, as wrestlers showcase their prowess in the sacred ring.

According to legend, possession of Japanese islands was determined by a sumo wrestling match.  

USADojo says two gods were wrestling along the shores of Izumo along the coast.

Secure your tickets now for an opportunity to witness the ancient art of Sumo wrestling at Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena Atlantic City on Saturday, June 15th.

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