Source Farmhouse Brewery stopped in to the WRAT Morning show with Carl, Dave and Gotts this morning and brought some tasty treats with them. 

Philip Petracca and Greg Taylor of SFB turned a 125 year old barn into their dream, a Farm to Glass Brewery utilizing locally sourced ingredients.  The ingredients for their beers are Sourced locally whether it’s working with Rutgers Agricultural School (who developed a Hazelnut that can be grown locally) or with local farmers who grow hops or even drop off a truck load of Heirloom Corn for their Colts Bach Lager.  They don’t tap into the public water system, rather use water that comes straight from the Pocono Mountains, which is what gives the Source Beer it’s smooth finish.  Their business is designed to fit into the agriculture and fabric of the community. 

So what did they bring?  Careful…might cause mouths to water and sudden urges to drive to Colts Neck…

Source of Light
German Style Pilsner
5.5 ABV

Greg’s Favorite

Crisp with, as Dave reports, has a hint of fruitiness which is attributed to the hops that are used in this one;  New Zealand Hops, more specifically.  This is an easy drinking Pils that would go great with light apps like pretzels and Cheeses.  “Definitely a great session beer” says Dave.

We started with this one to sort of…condition our pallets for the rest of the tasting.

 Source of Hoppiness
New England IPA
6.5% ABV

Subdued up front with a pillowee mouth-feel

A lot of Hoppy flavors and aromas due to the utilizing of the brewers favorite New England Hops…citrusy and fruity, a lot going on with every sip.

Carl, “I want more”

Dave, “Whats a hops”

Gotts, “I recommend Ubering home”

…thanks guys…NEXT!!

Eli-te Tribute – So new there isn’t even a page for this yet!
Imperial IPA
8.5 ABV

In honor of Eli Manning, the New York Giants fans that are Greg and Phil put together a fabulous IP in Eli’s honor.  We were the first to try this beer outside the Brewery.  It will be release at the Sunday session of Beerfest (Tickets on sale here).

Tasting notes include a mouthful of Success with a hint of Tom Brady Tears.  Utilizing New England Hops Citra and Mosaic, aka “Hall of Fame Hops” as per Phil.

Dave“This one is my favorite…that alcohol taste is not present at all.”

Gotts – “Who’s Eli?

Dave – “Just keep quiet, Gotts”

 Colts Bach Lager – another new one!
German Dunkel Bach Dark Lager
7% ABV

This lager has a light amber hue to it.  It gets its color from heirloom corn.  That heirloom corn was dropped off by  the farmer they bought the farm from.  Talk about locally Sourced, how cool is that?  Malty and well rounded, it has tastes of toasted bread and dark fruits.  Dave was licking the glass.

 Ultra Strata – Single Silo Series
Imperial New England IPA
8.0 % ABV

Utilizing the Strata hops

Dave-No offense to Eli Manning…but this is my new favorite…This is Goooood!“

Single Silo Series refers to the fact that only one form of hops is featured based on the flavor profiles.  This one focusses on the Strata Hops. 

Thank you for Source Farmhouse Brewery for coming in and sampling your wares.  If you are in and around Asbury this weekend, look for the Source Brewing Tap Takeovers at Brick Wall and the Asbury Festhalle.