WRAT’s 25th Anniversary


An open letter to the WRAT’s family of listeners:

So this rock station that started a while ago is turning 25!  As someone who has been here from the start I wanted to write a note to you guys… Just to say, holy crap have we all been through a lot together.

And, I gotta say:  we’d never still be here if it weren’t for you.  And the entire place is grateful for you and your time and your ears and your heart.  Thank you for the time you’ve spent listening, supporting and giving to what 95.9 WRAT has built over these years.

This space on our website is dedicated to the people who made a difference over the years – and the people who continue to make a difference.  In some ways, we’ve been through everything…. and in other ways, we’re only getting started.

If you’ve won something from us:  Congratulations!  If you’ve donated something to our many community events:  Thank you!  If you’ve been an advertiser:  We’re grateful for your support and we’re proud to support your local business.

If you’ve laughed, lived and learned with us:  Guess what, we’ve been laughing and learning right along with you.  We hope that we responded to your input in every way possible.

No matter if it’s concerts or great sets of Rat Rock music… or celebrating our rock and roll heroes.. or more important things like raising food and money for local charities… or saving lives during Superstorm Sandy:  The Rat has done something that most radio stations can never do:  welcome listeners into every part of its life.  We’re here for you because you’re here for us.

Watch this space for pictures, love notes, videos and other things that might remind you of how the power of rock and roll can bring people together.