The Minister

The Minister

The Minister


Hatched: July 26 Yes I am a Leo.

Years In The Biz: 31

First Radio Job: 2 Hour Specialty Show featuring “Industrial & Goth” called “Family Home Noise” In Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite Pastime: Motorcycles, I call It my “Lazy Man Zen”

Favorite Food: Liquorice

Favorite Drink: A Good Grapefruit or Blood Orange IPA

Favorite Movies: The Mad Max Trilogy, Aliens, Escape From New York, Blade Runner, Logans Run, Akira , Pretty much any Classic Sci Fi

Best Rat Rock Bands: Tool, STP, Soundgarden, AC/DC, Pink Floyd

Favorite New Bands: Royal Blood, Dirty Honey, Rival Sons

Most Embarrassing Moment: To Many to list

Best Day: 1994 Redding Fest hanging out with Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode sharing a beer watching Mick Jones from “The Clash” play guitar with “Primal Scream” second best day Woodstock 94 and Nine Inch Nails performing covered in Mud

Why Radio?: I wanted to be an actor, studied for many years in School and Drama School, radio was an amazing accident 31 years ago , Hey It Is Theatre of the Mind

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