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Steve Hook

Weekdays 7pm - 12am


Schooling: 7 years at Georgia School Of Agriculture And Broadcasting

Hometown: Hotlanta, GA

Years In The Biz: 72…No,Wait, 73.

Favorite Bands: There are no bands.. There are The Rolling Stones and then the world stopped!

Favorite Food: Free pizza in the RAT kitchen

Favorite Beer: Gratus Lager

Favorite Quote: “Hey Can I Borrow a” (ENDING VARIES)

Favorite Movie: PT 109 (F$#*ING LOVES KENNEDY!)

Favorite Past Times: Demonstrating against the WTO, attending Michael Moore book signings, being a Clinton Backer, and getting under my co-worker’s skin!

Favorite Drunken Moment: C’mon, that’s like askin’ Ron Jeremy his favorite F$#K.

Why Radio?: too short to play lurch in Aadams Family revival movies

The Best Thing About Being Steve Hook: Never having to feel the anger, frustraion, and complete and utter sense of pain in having to deal with Steve Hook!

THE Worst Thing About Being Steve: Not being Mick.