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About East Side Dave

What's up, Rat Rockers! "East Side" Dave McDonald here!  You can call me that, or Davey Mac, or Dumb-Face.  Anyway, I love crushing the mornings with Carl Craft (and Gotts), weekdays at 6 AM (EST)!

A little about me: Life-long Monmouth County resident (I grew up in Spring Lake, live in Wall); Star Wars freak; hard rock-lover; 15-year radio veteran; sports-addict. I like petting small animals. I love Pearl Jam, G'N'R, and Floyd.

I enjoy defeating my kids at backyard soccer. Seriously, I dominate them. I'm like the World Cup-winning, U.S. Women's Soccer Team. I just score goal after goal on them.  Bam-bam-bam.  They can't take the Dave Man down. Oh, yeah......and sometimes I talk about myself in the third person...(i.e. calling myself the "Dave Man").

More quick facts:  I named my son Stan after Stanley Kubrick, the great film director.  I have no idea how my daughter got her name.

I have had no cavities or any dental problems ever.  Knock on wood.  Basically, I could chew on glass if I wanted to.  If I was a horse, this would be looked at as an admirable trait.  On a human, it's just odd, I suppose.

My Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are @EastSideDave, so hit me up there.

And make sure you're rocking your way to work with the Morning Rat Race with Carl & Dave (and Gotts)!  Peace!

- Dave