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This is IT!  The nomination window is open for Shore Awards ’22!

Just scroll down to get started in making sure the local business that you know and love get their chance to shine… They can’t get a single Shore Award vote if they don’t get nominated first.

There’s lots of categories… some that are a perfect fit for the Jersey Shore like Best Pork Roll and Best Pizza… plus Thin Crust Pizza… and Best Boardwalk…

But there’s other important categories as well, like a whole slew of home improvement categories and foods and services that really make a difference and help make up exactly what makes The Jersey Shore so special!

You may have come to nominate one business in one specific category… but, while you’re here take a look at a few of the other categories:  You’d be amazed how much YOUR opinion matters to everyone, especially the local business community.

So… get started… nominate the local people, places, and things that make your day rock!

We’ll accept nominations until Friday, February 4th… and voting starts on Wednesday, February 9th.

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Do you have a question or inquiry about the 2022 Shore Awards? E-mail!

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