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95.9 The Rat is stoked to present:  Lead Guitarist Rock Madness!  Wow, what an amazingly impossible job we’ve set out for the Rat Rock Nation!

Imagine:  It’s your job to help figure out who the greatest lead guitarist of all time is!  People have argued about this for decades and it’s time to settle the score once and for all (or at least until the next argument crops up!)

Starting soon the Rock Madness battles will pit one lead guitarist against another… But first, we need a way to figure out who will be ranked #1 and who will be ranked #16….

That’s why we created this “seeding poll”.. Click your favorite lead guitarists in the poll and we’ll tally up all the votes and use the results to seed the Rock Madness battle brackets…

The battles begin soon, in March, so take a moment now to help get it all set up.  Rock Madness 2021:  Lead Guitarist Edition.  Deciding once and for all:  who’s the greatest player of all time!

Think we missed a guitarist?  Email us at:

Choose your fifteen favorite guitarists on this list: