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It’s the New Year and if you haven’t taken the time to upgrade your workspace in the past year, take this as your sign to do it now. There are so many cool ways that you can upgrade your workspace. From adding some additional space by organizing to ergonomic furniture that will improve your posture, we’ve got you covered. 

  • Under Desk Organizer

    Not everyone has a desk that can do this, but if you don’t have a keyboard drawer on your desk these under the desk organizers are great! Not only do they pull out, but they also help you keep some of the clutter off your workspace.

  • Dual Monitor Riser

    Are you also rocking the dual monitors? Putting your computers up on a riser is not only helpful for putting your computer up at your natural eye level, but this one helps you keep your space organized. There is storage space underneath each part of the riser so you can keep any notes or things that normally clutter your desk safe. An added plus is the small lip in each riser that can fit your cell phone or even a tablet.

  • Pen/Pencil Holders For Monitor

    This is just plain cool! If you’re looking to save even space this is a fine way to do so. These get placed on your monitor and allow you to keep your favorite writing utensils at a quick reach.

  • Headphone Stand & USB Charger

    I absolutely love this thing. Attach this underneath your desk for a spot to hang your headphones when they’re not in use. It also has a spot for you to charge your cell phone and other USB chargeable devices.

  • Retro Typewriter Keyboard

    This is easily my favorite thing in my workspace. If you don’t have a keyboard or you’re looking for something better this one is an amazing addition, especially if you like typewriter style. It connects via USB to your computer and is backlit.

  • Wireless Keyboard

    In case you’re looking for something wireless though this is the way to go. This keyboard is designed with comfort in mind. The spherically dished keys match the shape of your fingertips, offering satisfying feedback with every tap.

  • 23.8-Inch Computer Monitor

    If you don’t have a second monitor, or you’re looking for a great one for your office this one is a great option for you. It has 4-way ergonomic viewing meaning it can rotate if you need it to.

  • Laptop Stand

    Another amazing item to help you upgrade your workspace is a laptop stand. Whether you are working from home or back in the office, if you have a laptop and it’s sitting on your desk only, use this laptop stand to raise it up! I have this at both my home and my office and it’s perfect for keeping everything at the same height.

  • Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

    The stylishly designed office mesh chair is sleek and the perfect enhancement to your work-from-home space. This is a superior lumbar support chair with a mesh backrest, height-adjustable arms, and professional-grade automatic tilting control mechanism that will give your body the support it needs and will quickly become the perfect upgrade to your workspace.

  • Cord Organizer

    Got a lot of cords on your desk? Use this cord organizer to help you keep them all in place. It can attach to the back or side of the desk, wherever you need it.

  • Desktop Printer Shelf

    If you are limited on space and have a printer on your desk this shelf is great for giving you more space. Plus it comes with a side pocket for your papers and such.

  • Cell Phone Stand

    This cell phone stand is one of my favorite workspace items. I love to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while I’m working so keeping my phone in a stand like this is great. I can easily see where I’m at in a podcast or book and quickly pause it if need be. Plus, it has a spot for your charger so you can keep your phone upright while you charge it. 

  • To Do List

    If you’re not using a to-do list you are missing out. I love this one because not only does it have a space for top priorities, but it also has extra to-do sections, a water intake tracker, a self-care section, and a spot for additional notes. And let’s not forget that it also is non-dated so you can fill it out for whatever day and date of the week it is.

  • Electric Standing Desk

    They say it’s important to make sure you stand up from your chair during your workday, and for some people having a standing desk is the way to do that. This adjustable desk is perfect for folks who want to be able to convert their standard workspace into a standing one. It is electric so you can set it to your desired height.

  • 18-in-1 Docking Station

    If you’re not familiar with a docking station, it’s essentially a way to safely connect multiple devices and ports. This docking station has 18 different ports, including multiple USB and USB-C ports as well as HDMI, headphone, and SD ports.

  • Wrist Pad For Keyboard & Mouse

    Another incredibly important thing to have in your workspace is a wrist pad. We spend a lot of time without wrists resting at weird angles, a wrist pad helps keep you comfortable. This set comes with a pad for your keyboard and one for your mouse.

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