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It’s that time of year again for many residents along the East Coast of the United States. Hurricane Season is upon us, and we are getting into the thick of it with the threat of the first Hurricane of the season quickly approaching Florida. But all around the country, Mother Nature has left many homeowners and renters without power on many occasions. So to help you stay prepared, we’ve put together this list of power outage essentials.

2022 was an incredibly tough Hurricane season for the folks in South Florida. Hurricane Ian came rolling onto the Gulf Coast as a category 5 hurricane, leaving behind an unprecedented amount of damage to Southwest Florida. 

Hurricane Season runs nearly half the year, from June 1st through November 30th, each year. The warmer months tend to see the most activity, August thru October. When a hurricane hits, it can be days and sometimes weeks before those affected have power, water or access to gas and food.  It’s so important to take all of the proper precautions and heed to all warnings when you are in the projected path or cone of a storm. 

After going through Hurricane Ian last year, one of the most important items in a Hurricane Preparedness kit was a radio. When you lose power you lose internet and cable. Radio is in some instances the only source you have to find information leading up to, during, and especially after the storm.

So, what are the most important things to have on hand in the event of a storm-related power outage? I’ve put together a list of the 12 power outage essentials you will not want to be without. 

  • 1) Emergency Crank Weather Radio

    If the power goes out you will want to have a battery or solar-powered radio to keep yourself in the know with local updatesFinding one with charge ports is also something to consider so you can keep your phone charged.

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  • 2) LED Flashlight

    Flashlights are a must when the power goes outIt’s always a great idea to have one available for each person in your homeFlashlights are much safer than burning candlesDon’t forget batteries. 

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  • 3) Gas Powered Portable Generator

    Yes, they can be pricey but if you lose power for days or weeks, they’re worth it.  Generators come in a variety of options from gas powered to solar powered and vary in size and how long they’ll last.

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  • 4) Battery Powered Fan

    Hurricanes hit where it’s hotWith no power, comes no AC.  Fans are an essential item during an outage to keep you safe from the summer heat. 

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  • 5) Portable Phone Charging Bank

    These are a must have when the power goes out.  Keep phones and charging banks plugged in as long as you can during a storm before you lose power.  These are essential following a stormDon’t forget, you can always charge your phone in the car as well, if you’re not concerned about running out of gas. 

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  • 6) Battery Powered Lantern with Charging Bank

    Another great alternative to a candleEasy to walk around with, with a solid handleThe charging bank is a huge plus, for the electronics you’ll want to keep charged. 

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  • 7) LED Headlamps

    Headlamps are great to have in the event you need to use your hands for other things, like carrying a child or pet or other supplies. 

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  • 8) Batteries

    Batteries of all sizes are important to have on handBe sure to check your supply before a potential outage presents itself. Know what types of batteries are required for your flashlight, radio, lanterns, fans, and have plenty to spare. 

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  • 9) Portable Electric Car Cooler/Warmer

    This is essential for those needing to keep medications cold or heat up a bottle for an infantThey fit easily in any vehicle and can be charged in the car as well. 

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  • 10) Board Games

    Boredom will set in, especially for those of us with children.  Be sure to have plenty of activities on hand to keep the time occupied.  Think board games, cards, and coloring books, depending on age. 

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  • 11) Books

    Books are great to have for entertainment purposes as wellAudio books and tablets may not be an option during an outage so have a few paperback books on hand. 

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  • 12) Portable Power Bank w/ AC Outlet

    A portable power bank is a great option for keeping smaller items charged, like phone, fan, tablet, camera, drone, laptop, lights and more. 

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