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It’s Davey Mac here, and boy do I love my pop culture! Whether it’s Star Wars, Marvel, Wrestling, Horror Movies, Saturday Morning Cartoons, or pretty much anything from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s… I’m big-time into it. 

I’ve been collecting different action figures for years. While I stay primarily with Star Wars, I also have an abundant collection of WWE stars as well as unique figures (like Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Mr. Blonde and the cop from Reservoir Dogs). 

The way I look at it…for someone who thinks of himself as a child of the ’80s and teenager of the ’90s, action figures are a legitimate (and fun) art collection for someone of my generation. Most of us can’t afford a Van Gogh or Dali…but we can afford a few bucks for a stylized Darth Vader figure! So we’ve made a list. Check out these fantastic action figures and where to get them!

  • 1) Jason from Friday The 13th Action Figure

    Jason Voorhees has to be on the Mount Rushmore of horror villains…and this action figure rules. You get sack-on-the-head Jason, or crazy-face Jason, or the classic hockey mask Jason. It’s up to you!

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 2) Darth Vader Action Funko Pop

    Darth Vader is an evil, menacing, sinister villain who is capable of simultaneously choking people out with one head and chopping a head off with the other hand. You don’t want any part of Vader…unless he’s a Funko Pop! Grab this version of the Sith Lord today!

    Get It Now From Pop In A Box
  • 3) The Hulkster Lunch Box

    Whatcha gonna do, brother…if you forget your lunch! You gotta feed those twenty-four-inch pythons, daddy. So, pack your food with power and pride with this Hulk Hogan lunch box. And don’t forget to eat your vitamins and say your prayers, brother.

    Get It Now From Toynk
  • 4) Chunk from The Goonies Knit Toy

    The Goonies. A classic of 1980s child cinema that is still one of my favorite movies ever.   And who was better than Chunk? No one. That is the answer. As far as “Best Kid In An ’80s Movie” goes…Chunk has my vote. God bless you, Chunk. For everything you do. Keep in mind this is a pre-order item! 

    Get It Now From IWOOT
  • 5) The Delorean from Back To The Future Statue

    What do you get when you get a toy that can possibly go 1.21 gigawatts?! You get the time machine (it’s not just a Delorean, silly) from Back To The Future! Embrace your inner-Marty McFly with this awesome item!

    Get It Now From Toynk
  • 6) Indiana Jones Trading Cards

    Remember when more than just baseball got cards? When I was a kid in the ”80s… it seemed like everything had a card! Football cards, Star Wars cards, Garbage Pail Kids. And now Indiana Jones gets his own cards from Topps? Nice!

    Get It Now From Toynk
  • 7) Freddy Krueger Action Figure

    First, you need to get this spectacular Freddy Krueger action figure. And secondly, you need to never go to sleep again. Because both Freddy and his action figure will haunt your dreams!

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 8) Venkman from Ghostbuster Action Figure

    Dr. Peter Venkman is not just a scientist…he’s a Ghostbuster, darn it…and he’s a mouthy one at that. Which is why you need this toy that talks! Who you gonna call? The Venkman speaking action figure, THAT’S who! 

    Get It Now From Toynk
  • 9) Teen Wolf Action Figure

    Just in time for Halloween…it’s Teen Wolf! Come on, who doesn’t love a werewolf who scores about 30 points and grabs fifteen rebounds a game for his local high school team? Teen wolf rules! The Knicks should have signed this guy years ago.

    Get It Now From Amazon

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