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Friend, the Smurf force is still strong. Did you know Global Smurf Day is celebrated every June (The Saturday closest to June 25th)?  Naturally, it needs to be on a Saturday every year so that, hopefully, you have the day off and can Smurf your best Smurf day, live your best Smurf life, and go Smurf yourself all day long. 

For our young guns, let me give you a little Smurf history.  This ‘80s cartoon series (and comic book) is chock full of little blue people who are (mostly) named after emotions and emotion is their defining feature.  The only exceptions were Papa Smurf (their leader) and Smurfette, the lone female Smurf (aside from Sassette’s brief appearance).  The only human character: Gargamel, the bad guy along with his cat, Azrael. Gargamel’s agenda included destroying, eating, or turning the Smurfs into gold, depending on the episode.   

Some Smurfs were well-known like Jokey, Grouchy, and Clumsy.  Believe it or not, there were more than 100 Smurfs, so naturally, some Smurfs were just plain ridiculous.   

Pretentious Smurf become king while Papa was away.  Naturally, Pretentious Smurf completely abused his kingly powers and mayhem ensued. 

Finance Smurf brought the idea of barter and trade to the Smurfs.  The IMMEDIATE result was poverty and corruption.  Don’t rock the Smurfs.  Don’t tip the Smurfs over. 

Wild Smurf was somehow raised by squirrels after being lost in the woods… because, you know, those babies tend to roam off on their own. 

Let’s go Wild Smurf on your shopping side and check out these Smurftastic items from the ‘80s.  Enjoy! 

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