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Runners come in all shapes and sizes.  Some stick to running on the road or in parks, while others venture out to take on trail runs.  Then there are your short-distance runners and those who are training for a full marathon.  Whatever the reason or distance, runners are passionate about their sport.  

Many people may consider running a “cheap” sport. Sure, there’s not a lot of equipment involved. Usually, the biggest expense is the running shoes.  And while these gifts for runners aren’t necessarily essential, they will definitely be appreciated!  From keeping up with your mileage, and safely carrying your phone and keys, to recovery, these unique items will quickly become a runner’s favorite things. 

As someone who’s been running for over 5 years, I’ve learned a few things here and there.  While I’ll never consider myself an expert, I know a few of these items have made a difference! And let’s be honest, some of these items are just purely fun.  Runners are part of a community, and there are many shared experiences and blunders we’ve all experienced along the way.  And thankfully, we can bond over those things, and hopefully, share a few laughs along the way! 

Whether the runner in your life does it for fun, charity, or to get in better shape, they will love that you thought about their love of running when you were picking out their gift! 

  • The Complete Runner’s Day-By-Day Log

    For runners, we like to keep track of our miles throughout the year.  This logbook has enough space on each day to write notes, and space to write in where & when you ran and the distance.  I’ve been using this for 2022, and like to add in additional workout information too.  Each week you have a place to write in the total distance for the week, and then a place for the distance carried forward to track your total mileage to date! It also features stories, running history, and helpful tips!

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  • Balega Hidden Comfort Performance No Show Athletic Running Socks

    The truth is, running socks can be just as important as the shoes! There’s nothing worse than socks that cause discomfort.  These socks are supportive, with some extra cushioning at the ball and heel of the foot.  They also help with moisture management, keeping feet cool and dry. The high heel tap helps prevent slipping too.

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  • FlipBelt Elite

    Chances are, at some point, runners will have to carry a few items… Their phone, keys, ID, sports gels, etc. The FlipBelt is a great option for holding those items securely while running.  The original FlipBelt simply had openings in the tubular design to insert the items and then “flip” it around.  This “Elite” version has a semi-lock zipper for connecting and removing, plus a water-resistant pocket, which will be a lifesaver for those rainy day runs!

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  • Personalized Running Medal Holder

    For those runners who do a lot of races… they rack up a lot of medals! A personalized running medal holder is the perfect way to display all of those medals (instead of storing them away in a box like I’ve done for years).  With a place for the medals, along with race bibs, the runner in your life will be proud to hang this up! Plus, an inspirational quote makes this even better!

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  • A Funny Running T-Shirt

    Runners love to show our love of running.  And even better when it’s with a funny t-shirt like this! For runners who take their race time seriously, they’ll understand.

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  • Inspirational Bracelet

    When she’s not out running, this beautiful bracelet is a great accessory for a female runner on your list.  The inspirational message not only applies when she’s out putting in the miles, but also in everyday life.  There are different messages to choose from, and these “secret messages” are on the inside of the bracelet, so only she’ll know what it says.  But she’ll be reminded each time she wears it.

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  • Runner’s World – How To Make Yourself Poop

    While I haven’t read this one… my sister bought it for our mom, who is also a runner. If nothing else, the title alone will intrigue anyone, and make them laugh! It’s described as a quick, easy reference guide for every running issue under the sun. It has tips on training, nutrition, motivation, and more!

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  • Percussion Massage Gun

    After a run, recovery is important for a runner.  A massage gun is a perfect gift to give an athlete because it’s portable and affordable! Not everyone can see a masseuse after every run.  With this massage gun, your favorite runner can target any of their tight, tired muscles anytime, anywhere!

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