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Well, football season is officially “kicking off”, and we want to make it the best one yet for you. We have come up with a list of tailgating supplies that will make your football games and tailgating the most comfortable and relaxing with a lot of stuff that you might have never seen before.

There is so much going on at tailgate parties. And I’m always hearing people saying, “Oh, I forgot this, or I wish I had that.” Let’s get you squared away and make sure you are ready this season. Whether you’re a “Giant” or “Jets” fan you will be the star of that game, especially in the parking lot. This season not only will your friends or family love your new tailgating supplies and football gear,  but I’m sure the people whom you park next to will be checking out your stuff.

I have done a lot of tailgate parties, and have seen a lot of crazy things that people bring to the games. To me, tailgating is one of the best ways to attend the games because after all who wants to spend all that money getting in there and having to pay so much for beer, soda, and food? So, you might want to get yourself fed and drink up before you go in.

Maybe tailgating is not your thing and you like watching the games on TV. Well no need to worry about that because we’ve got a few items that are great for just being a true football fan too. So let’s get to this list and hope you have a great and safe football season.

  • Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

    This bad boy has it all. If you want a good grill this is one to definitely look at. With the folding tables coming out on each side, the grill is nice and lightweight, and also 3 burners to get you cooking. This amazing grill was highly liked by a lot of my friends, they said it was very easy to fold up and store away.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • CHZUOBER Grill Caddy

    Since you’re probably planning on grilling anyway, you’re going to need a caddy to hold all of your stuff. This caddy can hold all your condiments, salt, pepper, and whatever you need to bring to put on your hot dogs, hamburgers, or steaks. My favorite part is that this caddy can also hold your paper towel! Seriously, I can’t think of a better way to tailgate.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Portable Camping Table Folding Picnic Tables

    This table just speaks volumes to me. It’s waterproof so don’t have to worry about someone who had too much to drink knocking into it, spilling their drink, and ruining the table. It’s also very easy to use and folds right out. Plus, you can easily put your drinks under the table or maybe even your speaker to give you some more room on the top.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Football Jersey

    This is a true must have for any game day. Because you need to support the team that you love the most. I love Fanatics because you know what you’re going to get and their products are top-notch. Plus, even if you’re not a Jets fan like me, you can grab your favorite team’s jersey right from their website.

    Get It Now From Fanatics
  • Durable EZ Pop Up Canopy

    Having a tent at a tailgate is easily one of the best things. It can be key for you and your guests. It’s great for those super sunny Sundays, and for those games that start to get rainy. This tent is not only amazing for tailgating but also for other camping trips or outings you’re going to be going out to.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Brightz Cornhole Board Lights

    If you already own a set of cornhole boards, you’re going to love this item. These are cornhole board lights. This may sound silly, but honestly, I think they’re kinda cool. You’re essentially taking your cornhole boards up a notch. Plus, I think this is a must have for when the game is over. When everyone is trying to leave the parking lot, why not pull out the game light it up, and play while you wait?

  • JBL Bluetooth Speaker

    I love this speaker!! Whatever your favorite music might be or to just hear the game going on you will get the right amount of volume out of this. It is waterproof too so no need to worry about someone spilling on it.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Football Party Supplies 

    You got to have your plates and cups for when you’re out and about. I like these because they will get you in the spirit of things with the football theme. Plus this package has it all with the tablecloth, to the cups and the napkins too. So you’re covered on all fronts!

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • KingCamp Swinging Chair

    This chair is amazing for relaxing after a nice meal and some cornhole games. You can sit back and take a breather before you head into the game. Not only is it a good camping chair, but it’s a hammock as well, so your feet go up and you swing in this bad boy! I mean come on, that’s about to be the best seat in the parking lot.

    Get It Now From Amazon

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