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If you haven’t watched the sensation that is Abbott Elementary you are missing out! Abbott Elementary comes from the mind of the hilarious and brilliant Quinta Brunson. You may be familiar with her work from her time on Buzzfeed, but truly Abbot Elementary has skyrocketed her fame.  

The show, which is a mockumentary style a la The Office, focuses on an underfunded, Philadelphia school with a predominately black student body. It has won a huge number of awards for its freshman season including multiple Golden Globes and Primetime Emmys, and it in its current season has already been renewed for a third. 

But there’s so much more to it than that. Abbott Elementary has a brilliant mix of comedy, real-world issues, and an incredibly talented cast that perfectly makes that show. Since I honestly can’t stop telling people to watch it, I felt like I had to find a few items for all of my fellow Abbott Elementary lovers, and trust me when I tell you they don’t disappoint. 

  • 1) Ava “Don’t Tell Me What Kind of Day To Have” Mug

    I can’t begin to explain how much I love Janelle James’s character Ava. Ava is the principal of Abbott Elementary, and while she may be lacking the credentials (not for long it seems) she finds ways to not only be supportive of her staff but also really seems to understand her students. In just two seasons we’ve seen so much growth from Ava. But that never stops her from delivering hilarious lines like this one. The minute I saw this mug, I knew we had to add it to the list. 

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  • 2) “Sweet baby Jesus and the grown one too” Barbara Tee

    Going along with favorite characters the soft spoken, but seasoned Kindergarten teacher Barbara Howard, played by Sheryl Lee Ralph, is constantly making me laugh as well. This is by far one of her best lines though. Every time I see it or hear it, I instantly start laughing. Trust me, this was an instant cart add for me.

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  • 3) Abbott Elementary Tee

    Okay, I love the Abbott Elementary show logo. Its use of the schoolroom fonts and dotted lines really reinforces the whole look and feel of the show. This is absolutely a Must Have for any Abbott fans.

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  • 4) F.A.D.E. Tee

    Like D.A.R.E, F.A.D.E. is an anti-drug use assembly taught at Abbott by Janine’s boyfriend Tariq. As a musician and rapper, this is Tariq’s big break and actually starts a major catalyst for Janine in the show, but the scenes involving the F.A.D.E. (Friends Against Drug Exposure) are some of my favorites.

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  • 5) Abbott Read-A-Thon

    This comes straight out of the newest season! During a school-wide read-a-thon Abbott’s second grade teachers, Janine Teagues and Melissa Schemmenti, decide to make it a competition to see whose class can read the most. Like many episodes, this episode is more than just a funny competition and some hilarious banter. It also features a very real moment where Melissa must confront a student’s parents about her reading habits. The student seems to be faking her reading logs and has trouble reading. My favorite scene just so happens to be one of the final ones where Melissa relives, she learned she had dyslexia in second grade and offers her student a book that she had learned to read during that same time. It’s a beautiful moment that really captures why this show is so unique and wonderful. 

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  • 6) My Favorite B Word

    Barbara Howard really is an icon in this show. This shirt depicts Barbara going through a list of her favorite B words after one of her Kindergarten student’s parent shows up wearing an inappropriate shirt for drop off. Barbara is a firm, soft-spoken, church-going woman who frequently shows a lot of layers in her character. Plus, she seems to be Abbott’s favorite Kindergarten teacher as a few students have shown up in the show to express who wonderful and influential she was to them.

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  • 7) Abbott Elementary Garden Club sticker

    The garden club episode is another great one. Barbara and Jacob tag team to make a school garden that will bring in fresh produce for the school’s cafeteria. The one problem is, while Barbara and Jacob are enthusiastic about the project their green thumbs are more brown. Enter Gregory, the substitute turned full-time first grade teacher who just so happens to be from a family of Master Gardeners. It’s a hilarious episode that doesn’t even fully play out until many episodes later when Barbara and Jacob learn that Gregory is the one actually keeping the garden alive. But regardless, I need this sticker for my laptop immediately.

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  • 8) Abbott Elementary Stickers

    Speaking of stickers here are a few others that just make me laugh. These aren’t all from moments of the show, but they definitely capture the essence and humor of it!

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  • 9) Willard R. Abbott Elementary Coffee Mug

    One of my favorite items to get for shows are items that look like they would be purchased or appear within the show itself. This Willard R. Abbott Elementary coffee mug looks exactly like the ones you’d see in this show. It holds 11oz of liquid and will be a great item for your home.

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  • 10) Abbott Elementary Staff Photo Crewneck

    Of course, I wanted to end this list with an item that showcased the entire cast. The six characters are a hodgepodge of crazy and sentimental moments. It feels fitting that this feels like a staff photo you’d see in a yearbook. 

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