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Are you ready for some football?! I’m sure all you diehard NFL fans are. Preseason is officially over and this week marks the beginning of the regular NFL season. So, to help make sure you’re ready for kickoff we’ve put together a list of NFL game day must haves. Everything from tailgating essentials to at-home viewing party needs we’ve got you covered.

  • 45-Can Insulated Cooler

    They say go big or go home. And whether you’re tailgating at the stadium or watching from the comfort of your couch, you’re probably going to be drinking something. A cooler is first and easily one of the most important gamday must haves. This cooler can hold up to 45 12-ounce cans with a versatile design that allows you to collapse it flat while not in use. So, stock up on your game day food and bevies and keep everything ice cold! 

  • Beverage Koozie

    Speaking of keeping it cold, don’t you just hate when your hands get cold while you’re drinking a beer. Or how your temperature while actually warm up the beer a little faster? These insulated Koozie’s are the solution. This 3-in-1 steel container can be used as a tumbler, a bottle holder, or a tall boy can. 

  • Triple Slot Slow Cooker

    You and I both know game day means eating some of the best food of the whole year. Game day is the perfect time to bust out the nacho cheese, buffalo chicken dip, sloppy joes…  jeez, I’m making myself hungry! Whether you’re at the tailgate or at home with your friends, having a slow cooker to prep and keep your game day food warm is a must. This one has three different slots so you can have multiple warm yummy things ready to go as you wait for kickoff.

  • Universal Remote

    Don’t laugh at this one because I’m dead serious when I say we one time couldn’t find our TV remote in our living room for an hour past the start time. A universal remote as a backup could be your lifesaver in this situation. This one works on everything from Samsung and Sony TV to even for Roku players. 

  • Pop-Up Canopy Tent

    Heading down to the stadium? You’re going to want one of these. If you’ve been to a tailgate before you’ll know that these bad boys can be crucial for getting out of the hot sun or finding shelter during a down pour. Taking one of these with you is never a bad call. This pop-up canopy is an easy one-person setup with adjustable steel legs so you can determine the height you want. 

  • Soundbar

    Wanna experience the game in a way that actually makes you feel like you’re there? Here you go! A soundbar is an awesome addition to any man cave. Not only will it help amplify the sound so you never have to rewind for not hearing a call, but it will make your viewing experience that much better. This goes for more than just watching games. We love having our soundbar for movies too. It makes the whole experience that much more exciting. 

  • TV Trays

    While you’re at home enjoying the game you’re gonna need a place to hold your beer and your food. TV trays are my go-to for this! We didn’t like having a coffee table that just constantly got cluttered with all of our junk. So we switched to TV trays. This one is great because it’s an easy sliding tray. It can hold up to 40 pounds so stock up on all the food and drinks you want! It even has a convenient cupholder on the side. 

  • Portable Rocking Chairs

    Here’s a tailgate or backyard game day must have that you’re going to love. As much as I don’t mind the standard camping chair, I prefer to tailgate in style. This portable rocking chair is exactly that. These are easy to carry and set up, plus they’re more comfortable than your average game day chair. This is also a great seating option for those who are relegated to the garage during game days. 

  • Grill Accessories

    Let’s face it, you need grill gear. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying home or grilling at the tailgate, you’re going to want to have it. This kit from Veken comes with spatula, tongs, bamboo skewers, grill mat, 2 x meat claws, fork, knife, silicone basting brush, grill cleaning brush, and even an apron. You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to make your game day food perfect.

  • Disposable Food Trays

    Why clean the dishes after the game when you can just throw your plates away? These disposable food trays are great for tailgates and people who are making game day a party. 

  • Blanket Hoodie

    Don’t knock it ‘til you try it folks. I love watching football at home, and as the weather starts to get cooler, we’ll have our windows open more often. That sometimes means I need a blanket. For all of you who enjoy being warm while watching the game, I present to you The COMFY.

    This has made waves on TikTok in the last several months and after having bought one myself I can say that it’s a perfect choice for game day. It’s got a pocket and allows you to move around more freely than most blankets. Plus, this could be great for those whose tailgates start at 7am when the dew is still on the ground. 

  • Cornhole Boards

    Is it really football season if you’re not playing cornhole? At-home parties and tailgates alike will love having cornhole as part of their pregame festivities. And for all of you staying at home, you can have knock out a few rounds during halftime.  

  • Heated Stadium Seat

    Now, this might just be the best thing on this list. We’ve all had to sit on a cold bleacher more than once. And if you’re stadium allows you to bring this in, it’s going to be a game-changer. This heated stadium seat gives you that much-needed back support along with cupholders and heat! Seriously, I’m adding this to my cart right now because I can’t go without it. 

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