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It’s vacation-planning time, and you’re going on a cruise. There are just some things you should never go on a cruise without. There are tons of essentials to ensure you have the best time ever. 

Yes, the drink package is a must-have. You won’t regret it. The Wi-Fi package, especially when bought ahead of time, also super worth it. Make sure you have those and LOADS of sunscreen. Those are the bare-bones essentials. But what about the things you wouldn’t immediately think of? 

There are tons of helpful little gadgets and tricks to prevent a cruise disaster out there.  

Here are 11 cruise must haves you won’t want to leave shore without.

  • A Personalized Door Magnet

    You really wouldn’t think about this until you’re ON the ship. Those hallways where all the cabins lie are repetitive. Sometimes you literally lose your door. (Yes, even sober).  A magnet with your name on it, or some easily recognizable symbol, will help you get to your door every time.

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  • An Insulated Cup

    For hot OR cold beverages. If you want to take a drink on the go, you need an insulated cup. There’s nothing worse than your drink being the wrong temperature. Make sure that doesn’t happen. Consider a personalized cup to easily identify which one is yours!

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  • Seasickness Remedy

    Anything to help nausea is a must. If you’ve never been on a cruise, you can never be too sure if you’re prone to seasickness or not. Instead of buying the ship’s expensive remedies, think ahead and bring plenty of your own. These bands work with pressure points on your wrists to keep nausea at bay.

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  • An Over-The-Door Organizer

    Being real with you, the cabins are small. Like, pretty cramped. An over-the-door organizer will help keep little things out of the cabin’s walking and sitting space. It’ll keep the place clean and keep you from feeling too claustrophobic. 

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  • A Towel Anchor

    These are genius. Not only do they help you identify your towel on a pool chair, but they also prevent the wind from blowing your towel into the sea. The towel will stay put so you can stay comfortable.

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  • Water Shoes

    Water shoes are a must for any excursion. It ensures that your feet stay clean while you’re traversing the island your ship is docked at. They’re also good for pool time if you want to ensure the safety of your feet.

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  • Your Own Snorkeling Gear

    Admit it. It’s kinda yucky to use the snorkeling gear provided by the cruise line. Sure, they sanitize them, but wouldnt it be nice to have peace of mind that your gear is 100% clean for sure? Plus, you can buy one to match your bathing suit for pics!

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  • Clothespins

    Why clothespins? Because bathing suits get wet, and you won’t have a dryer. Use clothespins to hang your wet swimsuits in the shower so they’ll dry by the next time you need ‘em. And make sure they’re nautical and cute, to play into the whole cruise thing, of course.

  • An Easily Identifiable Pool Bag

    This may be a no-brainer. Make sure you get a pool bag that you won’t lose among the slew of other pool bags on deck. One with your name will draw your eye and keep others from misunderstanding your bag for theirs. 

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  • Walkie-Talkies

    If you DON’T feel like splurging on the Wi-Fi package, consider splurging on some walkie-talkies for you and your group. It seems silly, but the range of these things cover the whole ship, so you can easily contact your crew. Plus, it’ll be super fun to act like a spy the whole trip.

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  • Something To Hide Things In

    Whether it be your alcohol or some cash, you may want to hide it in plain sight. No one wants to steal a used hairbrush, so they won’t even consider that it may be protecting something super valuable. If you plan on bringing cash to the pool deck in your tote bag, consider getting a clever diversion for sticky fingers.

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