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CongRATulations to the Following Teachers!


    Special Education Teacher
    Hazlet Middle School

    Earning the honor this week is Susan Brennan, a special education teacher at Hazlet Middle School.  Susan is caring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and a true advocate for children, no matter what their abilities might be.

    Somehow, Mrs Brennan manages to create a learning environment where students actively participate while being guided in a way that meets their individual learning needs.

    In her classroom, Mrs. Brennan teaches not only academic content, but social skills, organization, and time management.  But not just that, Susan knows that learning life skills, responsibility, and teamwork will create friendship and community amongst her students.

    She creates a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive, never allowing students to give less than their best.

    Mrs. Brennan volunteers to work with students during extended hours, and she always says “yes” when asked to assist with special school functions, such as our Hurricane Palooza field day.

    Today we’re taking a moment to celebrate Susan Brennan of Hazlet Middle School.  A Teacher Who Rocks, Class of 2022.


    Honors Math Teacher
    Lacey Township Middle School

    Earning the honor this week is Allison Brannick, of Lacey Township Middle School, an honors math teacher. Mrs Brannick knows that to teach you don’t focus on the subject matter, no.  You focus on each individual student.  Only then can you properly respect their manner of learning.

    The diversity of Allison’s teaching methods are quite astounding.  In one classroom she can pull of 1 on 1 instruction, group interactions, or even carousel stations where learning becomes individualized.  Students freely work in the space where they feel most comfortable, and the results speak for themselves.

    Math is, of course, a tutoring profession, but Mrs. Brannick goes beyond that, and then some, by being a school drama director.  From the specificity of numbers to the creativity of drama, it’s no easy task.

    Even with the COVID restrictions, Allison found a way to pull off the school play.  Filmed and all.

    Today we’re taking a moment to celebrate Allison Brannick of Lacey Township Middle School.  A Teacher Who Rocks, Class of 2022.