Hey Rat Rockers Gotts here and summer is in full effect, and here at the Rat we love to be outside and enjoying our favorite cocktails and taking in the summer rays and taking in the nice weather.

So your boy Gotts and a bunch of us at The Rat decided to come up with a list of our favorite bars to do just that. I know there are a lot of bars out here and if we missed one, please add and let us know your favorites.


Photo: Beasley NJ

There is nothing like sitting outside and definitely when there is a nice live band to rock out with and enjoy. If we do miss any bars that you enjoy please let us know right here. Hopefully, this list will get you out with some friends and maybe check them out to have your own experience.

I know I’ve been to about 90% of these bars and had a blast with people that have brought me there and enjoy being outside drinking a nice frozen drink or my favorite and ice-cold Miller Lite.

We do remind you to drink responsibly and definitely if you do attend make sure you get a sober driver, call a cab, or Uber it even.

Gotts and Girls

Photo: Gotts

I know many of the days drinks I’ve done at these bars with some of my close friends I can not really even talk about it or on the air. I can share that sometimes you get really comfortable when you do the day drinking and staying hydrated, then all of a sudden it’s night time but because you’re having so much fun you look down on your phone, and it’s night time, and the sun is gone.

Thank you for taking the time to check this post out and as always we love and appreciate you for rocking out with me and of course 95.9 The Rat. Much love and have a safe summer, CHEERS, and you can check out more of my stories right here.

  • Martell's Tiki Bar - Point Pleasant Beach

    Love this place and it is just as awesome when Mondays roll through because, during summer, this is the place where you want to come out of the weekend and be hungover and everyone in there pretty much has the same thing on their mind and that is let us keep the party going.

    I know why they call themselves “Jersey Shore’s Island Getaway.”  Also steps from the waves on your feet. Check them out here.

    Martells at Moonrise

    Photo: WRAT

  • Marina Grille - Belmar

    Now this place is where you want to bring the family out and sit back relax outside or even have a nice date night out. On a beautiful summer night, you can’t beat the view and really take in the summer air and the checking out some of the amazing boats that are right on the water. More information can be found here.


  • Headliner Oasis- Neptune

    What an awesome place to sit outside and have some cold drinks. They HAVE A POOL! That is right and the bartenders are great too. So much fun with live music and every time you turn around there is something to do and just meet great people who want to party just as much as you do. More info here.

    Rat Happy Hour Headliner

    Rat Happy Hour Headliner / Photo: WRAT

  • Donovan's Reef- Sea Bright

    Need I say more for this one making the list? This place is oceanfront and you really can not beat that at all.

    Your feet in the sand and you will 100% have the most relaxing time out there at the bar and not have a worry in the world. Great place and wish we had more bars like this. Look them up and see for yourself here.

  • The Pig And Parrot Sandbar- Brielle

    This place is awesome!! Beautiful views from the boats and service is great as well, the food is right up to par and they always have live entertainment and it has the Jersey Shore vibe all over it.

    Great place to have a bunch of drinks outside with amazing “Happy Hour” specials that go on every week. Cool place and check them out here.

    Pig and Parrot

    Photo: Jaclyn Farago

  • River Rock- Brick

    What a Jersey Shore Bar!! It has tiki written all over it when you sit outside and have a cold drink, it is the perfect way to grab some grub and end the day sitting out there with you and a bunch of great friends or family.

    Much love to their staff and the bartenders who treat you like family. Check this place out here.

  • Beachcomber Bar & Grill- Seaside

    You can catch me here from time to time hanging out up top and always having a smile on my face.

    You can always turn it up with your favorite local DJs and you can even catch my boy out there MC BJ who knows how to get the party started! Check out the reviews on their page here, it is amazing.

  • Sunsets Bar- Neptune City

    The name says it alone! You can really take your time here and clear your head, it might be a long day on the job or even maybe you just had a day out on the water catching some fish you can really have a really fun and relaxing time out here.

    Awesome “Happy Hour Specials” as well can be found here too. You can find more information here.


    Photo: WRAT

  • Wharfside Patio Bar- Point Pleasant

    I love this place during the daytime and you will too on a nice summer day. You catch the breeze coming off the water and sitting back rocking out to the live music and if you love seafood, you are in for a awesome treat here.

    If like oysters you will be in Heaven at the Wharfside. Check them out here.

    wharfside patio bar (1)

    Photo: Lauren Hoffman

  • Bar Anticipation- Lake Como

    Gotts And Reggie Bar A

    Gotts and Reggie From Bar A

    I pretty much live here at this place and love nothing more than sitting outside. I consider the great people that work there my family and you will enjoy this place after a day on the beach, and getting some lunch and you will catch some awesome tunes on the outside plus awesome specials that go on all day and night.

    You will find out that 99% of the time you can find me there. Come say hello to your boy Gotts. Check them out here 

  • Proving Ground Waterfront- Highlands

    What a great place to enjoy and love the atmosphere on Sundays for their brunch specials. They got the fire pits plus it’s another spot on the water and you will have a great time catching in the live music when the bands roll in. Get more information right here.

  • Klein's- Belmar

    This place has history all over it and they definitely want you to be part of it. Seafood is their specialty and they take pride in that for over 90 years. Do you want a couple of cold ones?

    No worries there and you can really sit back and watch the boats come out of the marina, as they go by you might even hear them give you a beep and hello from everyone on board. You can get all the information here.

  • Bahrs Landing- Highlands

    I love this place and when I get the chance to get to the Highlands I always want to take time out to make sure I swing by to let them know how much they mean to the Jersey Shore. Tell Captain “Dan Shade,” I said hello. Look them up right here.

  • Pier 9- Belmar

    Right out back from Marina Grille, you can sit out there under the umbrellas and get a nice table for you and your pals or family and have a great meal on the water.

    This place has relaxation written all over it and is the perfect place to get rid of the issues that come with daily life. Come and enjoy yourself and find more information here.

  • Jenk Club- Point Pleasant

    Right on the beach and if you are from NJ you definitely have heard of this place. Another bar is just steps from the beach and is very chill, relaxing, with live music that goes on pretty much all day, and then the nightlife will get you rocked out for sure.

    Love being outside here and enjoying the views and the ice-cold drinks in my hand. Get more information and what great bands that are coming up right here.

    Jenks Club

    Photo: Lauren Hoffman

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