Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Is there any carnivore on planet Earth that does not like meatballs? I think one of the first solid foods I ever ate as a baby, was a meatball.

Meatballs can be made with any ground meat including ground beef, lamb, chicken, veal, pork…etc.

Growing up in my neighborhood, the standard Italian meatball was made up of 3 different ground meats. The perfect Italian meatball contains beef, pork, and veal. All the Italian moms and grandmothers had their own secret recipes for their signature meatballs and normally used these 3 ground meats.

I was taught by my friend’s grandmother, that you put a little extra ground pork in to the meatball mixture because that is where the real flavor is. I also had a neighbor who recommended making meatballs with equal parts beef, veal, and pork. I love it all!

As I got more familiar in the kitchen, I started experimenting with my meatball recipes. I have a standard recipe that I normally make, but in the last couple of decades, I have occasionally deviated from that recipe in order to suit different tastes and dietary needs.

Anytime I needed to lose a few pounds without giving up meatballs,  I would make turkey meatballs with all kinds of spices for a real punch of flavor. With turkey, chicken, or any lean protein, you need to add a flavor bang of herbs and spices since the meat lacks fat, and you know what Emeril says, “The flavor is in the fat.”

I love making Italian Wedding Soup with ground chicken or veal meatballs made with a little spinach mixed into the meat.

I love meatball subs from a variety of places made in a variety of ways. I do make a decent meatball sub, but when I’m not in the mood to make a pot of sauce, these are the places I would choose to hit up.

If you want a kick ass meatball sub, here are 10 places in Ocean County for you to check out.

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