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Emojis are here to stay. In fact, pretty much every age group uses emojis now. Whether you’re a Gen Z or a grandparent of a Gen Z, you’ve probably used emojis on a regular basis. So, which emojis can make people like you? Okay, these aren’t guarantied to win homecoming court or anything. But, these emojis tend to be the ones that personally make me happy, and they’re among the most popular emojis that people use, too.

Adobe’s most recent emoji report, the “Future of Creativity: 2022 U.S. Emoji Trend Report,” released last fall, surveyed 5,000 emoji users from the United States. They discovered that the emojis enhances “our everyday lives, especially when it comes to self-expression, relationship building, and mental health. The versatility of emoji allows for endless possibilities to connect with each other, as their meanings evolve and inclusivity expands.”

Paul D. Hunt, typeface designer and font developer at Adobe, and Kamile Demir, computer scientist at Adobe and Adobe representative on the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, discussed their emoji thoughts on the new report. “Emoji give people the resources they need to be able to express themselves and show their emotions, whether it be on social media or messaging apps. They allow people to convey more than just words on a screen and connect more deeply to others,” Demir said.

One other reason why emojis are so popular is because the online connection can be very cold. Hence, emojis give a human aspect to those online and digital communications. “When we spend so much time behind screens, those desires increase without the in-person markers of tone, facial expressions, and body language,” Adobe states. Emojis help bring emotion and life to an otherwise very stale form of conversation. Ready to get your emoji on? Read on for some facts about emojis and what emojis are most popular- and could make people like you more.

  • Just using an emoji makes you more likeable

    According to Adobe, 73 percent of those surveyed think that just using an emoji in your messages makes you cooler, friendlier, and funnier. This applies both in the workplace and in your personal life!

    Millennial girl using her phone on the bed

    Girl texting on her bed

  • Any emoji will help get your point across in a friendlier way

    According to Adobe, a whopping 91 percent of people in their emoji survey said that the emoji brings levity to conversations. Moreover, moreover 60 percent of those surveyed believed emojis can boost our overall mental health.

    Woman texting

    Woman texting on her phone

  • Best emojis for dating

    According to Adobe, there are certain emojis that are perfect when dating. They are totally no surprise. The three emoji that will make you more appealing to a lover are 😘, 🥰, or 😍. I use all three of those!

    Young woman using dating app on phone, sitting in cafe outdoors

    Young woman using dating app on phone

  • Worst emojis for dating

    If you’re trying to put your best foot forward, don’t use emojis that will turn someone off in a dating situation. The emojis that are most likely to turn people off are 💩, 😠, and 🍆, according to Adobe. Yeah, those are gross.

    Woman rejecting a date

    Woman rejecting a date

  • Avoid these misunderstood emojis

    The most misunderstood emojis, according to Adobe, are 🤠, 🍒, and 🙃. I mean, who doesn’t get a cherry? It’s a cherry emoji. Nothing to misunderstand here. And, the cowboy surprises me, too. It’s a cowboy, plain and simple.

    Confused woman

    Confused woman

  • These are emoji users' favorite emojis to make people like you

    Here we go! According to the report, emojis users’ top five favorite emojis are 😂, 👍, ❤️, 🤣 and 😢. I would use the crying one sparingly. But, it totally makes sense that the laughing fact would be No. 1. That’s such a popular emoji!

    Happy woman on phone

    Happy woman on phone

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