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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 03: Adam Sandler attends The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Hosts An Official Academy Screening Of UNCUT GEMS at MOMA - Celeste Bartos Theater on December 03, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences )

Adam Sandler hits the Prudential Center in Newark in April and The Rat is hooking you up with tickets all next week, but us here on The Morning Rat Race are getting a jump on it with the No Sweat News Quiz today, Friday March 17th!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ok, here’s the thing about the quiz: You’re about to see four stories… three of the stories below were featured on the No Sweat News this week on The Morning Rat Race. One of those stories is totally made up… by me!

If you spot the phony story, you got a good shot at winning the quiz and the prize. Remember, one random caller gets to take the No Sweat News Quiz on air with ME and the rest of the Morning Show, Dave and Gotts.

Here we go:

  • It's dateline, China for story number one.

    A woman claims that – after two years of ownership – she now realizes that the dog her family adpoted is actually a bear. They found the pup as a stray on vacation, thought it was a Tibetan Mastiff. But, now that it’s 250 pounds they realize a major mistake was made. Moral of the story? How’d you like to walk a 250 pound bear on a leash. More like it walks you.
    That’s story number one, now known as: Pardon me, does your dog bite? No. It mauls.

  • And story number 2 for today's No Sweat News Quiz: Dateline, Florida, Capital of the No Sweat News.

    Back in December a man hooked up with two women while having an extra lucky night at the gaming tables at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood.  Turned out his luck ran out because when they went back to his hotel room with they robbed him.  Moral of the story? Yeah, but for that walk up to his room, he was THE MAN!

    That’s story number 2, now known as:  That’s the problem with a threesome:  you’re outnumbered.

  • Our 3rd story for today's No Sweat News Quiz takes us to: Scotland.

    A 17 year old kid in Glaskow was just getting his money out of an ATM when someone came up behind him and tried to rob him.  Only problem?  The kid recognized the voice of the attacker immediately as his own father’s.  At court last week dad’s attorney said, “Your honor, this man’s mother, brother, and son are all extremely angry at him”.  Moral of the story?  If you steal from your kid, aren’t you really just stealing from yourself?

    That’s story number 3, now known as:  See that’s interesting because your kids always rob you, it’s rarely the other way around.

  • And our 4th and final story for today's No Sweat News Quiz, Dateline: Buffalo Wild Wings.

    A Chicago man is suing the chicken wing based restaurant because their wings are too hot.  Myles Jordan of South Side went to the BWW, ordered the Blazing Carolina Reaper sauce but when the spice caused hives all over his body he had to call an ambulance. He required intravenous allergy meds to clear it up.  Mr. Jordan wants his medical bills covered.  Moral of the story?  If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the wing joint, man.

    That’s story number 4, now known as:  Carolina Reaper ain’t no joke.