Summer blockbuster season is in full swing. And I, for one, am pretty excited about some of the movies about to hit (or have just hit) the big screen. Looking at the summer lineup, it’s definitely not going to be a repeat of the Barbenheimer phenomenon of last year, with all the frenzy and memes. Nevertheless, I think there are definitely some movies on the list that will get you wanting to go to the theater.

There are way more than 7 films coming out this summer. But these are the ones I’m most looking forward to and I’ve heard the most hype about. Plus, I’ve made sure to add films of different genres, so most of you out there should be able to find something that excites you!

  • Inside Out 2 - June 14th


    Sometimes, sequels don’t work very well or they feel like a cash grab. Inside Out 2 isn’t one of those sequels. If you’ve got younger kids or grandkids, they’re going to love this movie. Hell, I’m 24 and I loved this movie. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s great story. It hit theaters on June 14th (so it should currently be playing at a theater near you) and is rated PG

  • Thelma - June 21st


    Have you heard of the scam where scammers will pretend to be an older person’s distressed and jailed grandchild in order to steal money from them? Well, Thelma is a comedy/action movie that touches on that. The Washington Post calls it “a geriatric Mission Impossible” and I love that. Thelma releases in theaters today (as I’m writing this) June 21st and is rated PG-13.

  • Sing Sing - July 12th


    A movie about an wrongly incarcerated man finding purpose through acting and performance with his fellow inmates. This movie looks touching and heartfelt and I’m excited to see it. Plus, it’s produced by A24. I’ve never seen an A24 movie that wasn’t made extremely well, so this is definitely going to be good. It’ll be in theaters July 12th and is rated R.

  • Deadpool & Wolverine - July 26th


    How can it be summer movie season without a classic superhero movie? Well maybe not classic in the traditional Avenger films sense, but a superhero movie with two heroes everybody knows nonetheless. Plus, Wolverine is finally in his comic book costume! Deadpool and Wolverine will be in theaters starting July 26th and is rated R.

  • It Ends With Us - August 9th


    If you spend any time reading fiction at all, you’ll have at least heard of Colleen Hoover. She is hugely popular in the romance genre and this is her first book to movie adaptation. So if you enjoy romance and love triangles, this is the movie for you. Plus, who doesn’t love Blake Lively? It Ends With Us will hit theaters on August 9th. I couldn’t find an MPAA rating for this movie, but if the content stays true to the book, it will be rated R.

  • Trap - August 9th


    A brand new M. Night Shyamalan psychological thriller hits theaters this summer. The trailer went understandably viral when it first dropped. And it seems like the twist that everybody expects from a Shyamalan film was revealed in the trailer, but being a fan of his work, I’ll almost bet things aren’t what they seem. Trap is coming to theaters on August 9th and will most likely be rated PG-13.

  • The Crow - August 23rd


    I was in high school when I first read the graphic novel and saw the original movie with Brandon Lee. I loved it. So when I saw that there was going to be a modern adaptation, I was pretty excited, because the story is fantastic and I think Bill Skarsgård is a talented actor. Here’s hoping it does the original source material justice. The Crow hits theaters on August 23rd and doesn’t currently have a rating, but more than likely it will be rated R.

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