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Hey Rat Rockers Gotts here and today is “National Dive Bar Day” and here at the Jersey Shore we all love to be out and about going to some of the finer places, but sometimes I like to sit at a bar where the lights are really low, and the pool tables are out and just being able to talk the way you want and let loose, and not worrying about being judged by anyone sitting around you or your pals, drinking what you wand and playing the music you want to play on a jukebox.

I myself love any place that serves beer, no matter what the place looks like. People see me all the time out and about and you can hear them say under their breath “LOOK AT THIS SKINNY, TATTOOED, LONG HAIR, WACKY GUY!” That’s why I enjoy myself at some of these bars on the list you will find down below.

Here at the Rat Iv decided since it is National Dive Bar Day I want to put the spotlight on some of our favorite Dive Bars that we like to attend to from time to time, some of these bars are not even around any more or have changed owners and names. Let us know down in the comment section below if you agree with our list or add to it. Maybe you have a favorite story that really stands out at one of these places of your favorite Dive Bar, we want to hear them.

Thank you for taking the time out to check this story out and get out there and enjoy some of these bars and support all places that have drinks and great bartenders. Wait till you read some of my experiences being at these bars. Much love and keep rocking out with me and The Rat- Gotts

  • Paddy Mac's - Lake Como NJ

    Located right down the street from the Rat studios and back in the day, I was leaving and getting off the air also it just had snowed. I walked in and some of the workers were outside shoveling the snow, when a lost dog walked in with no collar and lifted his leg and pissed on the bar and then left. One of the workers was told what happened and decided to take some of the snow and just throw it on top of the dog’s pee.

  • Riggers Bar- Seaside

    Yes down in Seaside and St. Patrick’s Parade was ready to go and I walked in the Riggers for a couple pops of Miller Lite, when I got so comfortable with everyone at the bar. Half of the Rat staff came in and dragged me out to get me back in the parade route.  Someone had a bell of some sorts ringing it saying “Gotts Is Here And Lets Start Boozing ! ” Now that is love.

  • PK Shamrock's - Lake Como

    What a bar this was ! Sunday morning bingo but yet no one had a bingo card in their hands. Instead music was blasting at 10 am and the line was wrapped all the way down to the beach. You really would have thought it was New Years Eve. People were dancing on chairs and we were covered in Champagne and about 4 inches of what I think was water on the floor.

  • Darcy's Bar - Bradley Beach

    Love this place and if your a soccer fan you will too. Here is why I picked this place the place has a great breakfast place but I don’t know anything about about soccer ! All I know the beer was flowing and didn’t get thrown out.

  • Paul's Tavern - Lake Como

    Walked into this place before 11 am one day and there was one person who was with me and was already blitzed!  (NO NOT MY DAD!) It is now called “Salty’s” but I will never forget that man that was on the stool and even bought him a beer and a shot too. I then got him a cab ride home but it took some time to figure out where he lived but he did get home safe.

  • Tom's Tavern - Farmingdale

    Got To Dunk To Remember What Happen But It Was A Great Time. Love That Place.

    Join Us Wednesday at Tom's Tavern for our Weekly Corn Hole League!!! 🌽This week we will be giving away a Carhart Backpack to the winner!!!! 🏆And we have $2.50 Domestic Specials during the games!

    Posted by Tom's Tavern on Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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