Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Carl Craft

We got the list stared with our version of the Queen hit, "Another One Farts The Dust". And you just made it better and better.

A while ago we featured a fun post on our Facebook fan page that invited our wonderfully creative audience members to get in on the punchline action. We laughed heartily at some of your reactions to our post:

“Ruin a favorite song title by replacing one word with the word, ‘fart’.”

Turns out, ya’ll like a good fart joke like we do (it’s always a good sign when a perfectly straight adult still can connect to the 8 year sense of humor that’s still inside them!  LOL!)

Today, I went through the over 200 responses to our post and picked out some of my absolute favorite responses.

So, scroll and enjoy the fart jokes!

  • Barry gets things rolling with a few laugh emojis!

    Yup, Barry B gets the first honorable mention but not far behind is the first of many Metallica song titles that show up on our highlights!  Honorable mention to the Simon and Garfunkel reference from Ed.

    Replace one word!

    WRAT Rock Nation gets the laughs on The Rat’s Facebook page!

  • The Nirvana one made us laugh

    There’s nary a downer among this bunch.  And a pretty good collection of Rat Rock, if I don’t say so myself!  Geoff’s use of the Metallica classic, “For Whom The Bell Tolls” is a great set up for Meatloaf and then its home run #1 from Brendan and home run #2 from Gerald.  Classic!

    The farts just keep on coming.

    Pink Floyd, Metallica (again), Prince and Alice in Chains. Plus: Nirvana.

  • You guys even brought Elvis Presley into it! The King!

    Joe, you could have chosen a few Godsmack songs… but you went straight for the jugular with your “I Stand Alone” reference (LOL, and you will stand alone if you rip one!).  This bunch get better with each read.  Especially the Styx reference… well done, Ricki.

    He who smelt is, dealt it.

  • If being wrong isn't right, we don't wanna be right

    Here’s a great stretch from our Facebook Fans Gordon, Marc, Sean, Tom, Jenn, and Mike.  The last Metallica reference is a classic!

    We're getting close to the end now.

    Another great Metallica mention on this one. Thanks Mr. Lenker! Plus we kick this one off with Kiss. Hard to go wrong!

  • And lastly.

    I don’t know you, Leah.  But I like you, a lot.  Coming in hot with a Monkees reference to wrap our fun up.  That’s a train we don’t want to follow!

    And, we're out.

    And, we’re out. That’s it. Top of the heap. Or is it bottom?!

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