One of my favorite weekends of the year has arrived! The weekend in which the NFL finally takes advantage of a national three day weekend, with MLK Day on Monday, and stretches it’s first round playoffs over all three days! Super Wild Card Weekend is here! A time to watch Serious January Football! Of course with “SJF” you need some “SWS”, or Super Wacky Snackies! 

I’m a big fan of certain football snacks, and notably how they interact with the copious amounts of beer I’ll be drinking. Like for instance, pretzels? NOPE. Like a mush gambler, trow em in da batroom! Too dry and salty like East Side Dave’s humor. Normally I’m not a huge fan of Ritz crackers but they do score points here for the inventive snack creations which you will see below. Also, I don’t usually like to include sweet, chocolatey snacks on a football watching list, but since the wife will be home for the Sunday games watching with me, I may include at least one popular item.

My wheelhouse however, when it comes to Wild Card Weekend snackin’ will be the classic food groups of Chips n Dips, Chips n Salsas, some sort of cheesy melty thing, whether it be a pizza quesadilla, mini cheessteaks or what have you, and of course something to be the canvas for my pallet of in house hot sauces. That could be anything from chili to wings to my wife’s toes. It’s all about food fun and feet…I mean football this weekend!

As one would expect, it’s the big names in the savory snack industry that have some of the best recipes for football snacking. Names like the previously mentioned Ritz, along with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Skippy Peanut Butter, Franks Red Hot, and more. So let’s get snackin’!