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We all wish animal shelters didn’t have to exist. The thought of unwanted or neglected would-be pets is heart wrenching to most of us animal lovers.


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Animal homelessness is an epidemic.

The harsh reality is that hundreds of dogs and cats are homeless right now right in our own backyard, here in Ocean County. Thankfully there are saints that look over these precious creatures and care for them for sometimes months at a time, until they can find a home. They are our wonderful, under appreciated Ocean County Animal Shelters.

Be prepared if you go to tour a shelter.

Most of the animal shelters I have been to, while for the most part very clean and sanitary, are still not for the faint of heart. Many are quite nice and comforting, while others are more “bare bones”. It’s almost like going into the doggie penitentiary. Dark hallways, cages, loud barks. It can be quite an unpleasant experience for some. That’s why it’s so much better when we can have one on one time with perspective fur buddies. Either in a common play area or on an outdoor walk.


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Care costs a lot.

Budgets are a big concern for local animal shelters all over the country, and Ocean County is no exception. The cost of dog and cat food and necessities have skyrocketed with inflation. So these places really need our help in the form of not only monetary donations, but also donations of dog and cat food, bedding, toys, and more. Remember, every little bit helps, so don’t be ashamed to give what you can!


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Become part of the solution, not the problem.

Lastly, don’t just go to an animal shelter looking for a pet because you feel guilty or feel the need to save just one more if you don’t have the proper housing, financial means, or time. The last thing anyone wants is to put an animal in a worse situation than they had previously been in prior to coming to the shelter. Ocean County Animal Shelters are funded and trained to give the best  care to a pet while at the facilities. Don’t take on the role yourself unless you are 100 percent  ready to. Being a pet owner can be as challenging as being a parent, especially when it comes to puppies, kittens, and special needs animals. Furthermore, spaying and neutering your pets can help unwanted litters and more animals in shelters.



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