Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Lzzy Hale & Robyn Making Cranberry- Raspberry Relish

Did you ever wonder what foods your favorite rock stars love? What does Dave crave? What’s Sting’s Thing? What does Nancy fancy?

I did some research to find out some of the foods our favorite rock musicians like to eat.

Do they like to cook? I hear Metallica drummer; Lars Ulrich is known to whip up a few dishes.

Which American foods tantalize their tastebuds?

What foods of different cultures do they like?

A lot of these rockers watch what they eat. In fact, Disturbed lead singer, David Draiman is very strict with what he puts in his body.

If you follow David on social media, you see how health conscious he is.

Then there are musicians who eat whatever they want, not giving a care in the world how many calories or carbs they consume. I wish I could be like that.
In the past, I recorded a few episodes of my cooking show called, “Rocker In The Kitchen.” I email or call rock musicians and ask them to cook with me any time they’re in town.

My first ever episode of “Rocker In The Kitchen” was with Halestorm lead singer, Lzzy Hale. It was shot the day after Thanksgiving in 2014 when Halestorm blew into town to play Starland Ballroom.

Lzzy was such a good sport to go along with this idea. I came up with the recipe, and she followed along. I told her if we ever do this again, I’d like to use one of her recipes.

Because it happened around Thanksgiving, I had plenty of turkey, and Lzzy and I made Turkey Tetrazzini in the kitchen at Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, New Jersey.
I actually have a traveling kitchen, complete with pots, pans, utensils, plates, bowls, and even portable conduction heat burners.

Whatever local venue a musician or band is headed to, I seek out a kitchen where we can cook.
You can watch the “Rocker In The Kitchen” episode HERE.

Let’s find out what foods these rock musicians love to eat.

  • Lzzy Hale - Lead Singer of Halestorm

    From The Diary of Lzzy Hale on Tumblr – “My eating habits are very simple. I eat as close to nature as possible, as in “could my food have developed on its own in nature”. For example, a cow is born, a carrot grows. Sugars, Grains and Dairy are manufactured. So I stay away from processed, “man made” products as much as possible. My diet consists of 70% meats, 20% vegetables and 10% fruits on any given day, but I’m not too strict with those percentages because it’s about the quality of the food not the quantity. You can’t really go wrong with those three categories. I do eat potatoes, but stay away from fried versions.”

    Lzzy does break the rules just a little when it comes to booze.

    Lzzy Hale & WRAT Radio Personality Robyn Lane Cooking at Starland Ballroom

  • Dave Grohl - Lead Singer & Guitarist for Foo Fighters

    Back in 2015, Dave Grohl Told NME that he would like his final meal on Earth to be, “Bangers and beans goddammit! I swear to God, on my life, that is my favourite meal in the world. I could eat it seven times a day for the rest of my life.” Bangers are English sausages, and they are fatty and delicious.

    Dave also revealed to Conan O’Brien that his favorite post show meal is a bucket of KFC Original Recipe chicken and champagne. 

  • Ozzy Osbourne

    Bats are definitely not on Ozzy’s menu. I have heard he’s a lover of cheese. He loves black licorice, as well as fish. He once told Conan O’Brien he loved cottage cheese. Not sure he was serious, but cottage cheese has resurfaced as a trendy food. Ozzy has also mentioned Chicken Lasagna as a favorite dish.


  • Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

    Steven loves Chicken Pot Pie. Hey, Steven, I make a great chicken pot pie, and I make my own pastry too. All that rich creamy gravy made from chicken stock, loaded with white meat chicken and lots of carrots, peas, and celery.  Comfort foods make everyone feel better.

    Chicken Pot Pie

  • Slash - Lead Guitar God For Guns n' Roses

    Slash isn’t much of a foodie, but from what I’ve read, Slash likes Argentine beef, and likes to eat Indian food here in the states.  Slash is a lover of candy, but something tells me that he doesn’t consume much of it. He is in amazing shape, so he clearly takes care of himself .


  • Billie Joe Armstrong - Frontman for Greenday

    Billy Joe told “US Weekly” magazine back in 2016 that his favorite food is pizza. He also likes his morning coffee and doesn’t want anyone to talk to him before he has his first cup in the morning.

    I’ll bet he drinks his own brand.  Oakland Coffee, a coffee company founded in 2015 by Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool, and Mike Dirnt of the American punk rock band Green Day.



  • David Draiman - Frontman for Disturbed

    David is very mindful of what goes into his body. He has acid reflux, so he’s extra cautious. No fatty or fried oily foods at all. Back in 2011, he told the Heavy Metal Food Blog that enjoys consuming things such as sweet breads, which are calf organs like the pancreas, and that he prefers sweet potatoes to regular ones and avoids processed carbs. He also always gravitates towards French or Japanese cuisine.


  • Sammy Hagar - The Red Rocker

    Sammy loves to cook. I’ve seen him on tv cooking with Emeril and Guy Fieri a few times. Sammy also has written a few cookbooks. You should check out his 2015 book, “Are We having Any Fun Yet? – The Cooking & Partying Handbook 

    The book is so much more than recipes. The book is filled with stories and photos from Sam’s travels and experiences. Sammy is as passionate about food as he is about music. The man has a boatload of favorite eats, bacon is one of many. He has a recipe for “Sammy’s Wabo Shrimp” in the book that he absolutely loves. As for his last meal on Earth, Sammy says, it would be his recipe for “Veal Osso Buco.” Sam, you and I are kindred spirits.
    I found his recipe for Sammy’s Veal Osso Buco online here.

  • James Hetfield - Metallica Frontman

    Mexican food, Meat-n-Potatoes, Bar-B-Que, & Oysters. The Metallica camp revealed that James is easy when it comes to eating on the road. Check out the video below to see what the boys in Metallica love to eat when they’re touring.



  • Lars Ulrich - Metallica Drummer

    Lars told the NY Post that a significant part of his diet are these oat pancakes that he enjoys.  He says “They’re made of egg whites, oats, fat-free yogurt and a little Stevia. That’s my carbs.” He eats about 20 of them a day to drum up the energy to run 40 minutes and to play percussion too. 

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