Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Carl Craft

The F-16 jet fighter air show is only a small part of the Power In The Pines 2023. The first of its' kind in five years.

Here’s some of the in-air attractions you can expect to see at Power In The Pines at the Joint Base MCguire-Dix-Lakehurst.

The event hasn’t been held in five years so this year they’re really loading up on military eye candy!

Scroll down and have a peek at some of the goods…

  • The F-16 Viper Demo Team

    The F-16 Viper is a wicked maneuverable airplane.  Sick in air to air combat and almost better in hitting ground targets.  In the hands of an ace pilot, they are amazing vehicles of flight!  You’ll get to see it first hand as the F-16 Viper Demo team streaks through the sky.

    Here’s a short video of a practice session…

  • USA Golden Knights

    Many people are very familiar with the Golden Knights.  And if you’re not, it’s still quite possible that you’ve seen them.  The Golden Knights are a parachute team that do amazing stunts as they free fall.  They create various forms as they plummet to the ground and land with precision when the parachutes are deployed.  Why would you have seen them?  Because they’re a popular opening act at major sporting events across America.

    Check out this practice video:

  • Warbird Thunder

    The Warbird Thunder airshow features very cool “old school” airplanes from World War Two and the conflict in Korea. The planes are massive yet graceful, usually trailing a line of smoke that can be seen for miles. Their 12 minute stunt and aerial show is very cool and less noisy than some of the jet powered planes.

    Check this video out for a taste of it while in mid-air:


  • Extreme Flight

    What’s cool about Extreme Flight is that they take an all-ages, educational approach to an air show… And they use bi-planes which are totally waaaaayyy cool.  The biplane is just too cool for words.


  • Rick Volker Airshow

    If you haven’t had enough then feast your eyes on what Rick Volker brings to the air every time:  pure adrenaline and excitement!  This is the guy that seemingly loses control of his plane but never really does.  His flips and rolls will blow you away.



  • That's All Brother

    You want epic, feast your eyes on one of the planes that took part in the Normandy invasion!  This bad boy led the charge of dropping over 13,000 paratroopers directly into enemy lines to begin battling and eventually defeating the Nazi’s.  Thats All Brother is a piece of history that cannot be forgotten, ever.

    This exact plane was used in D-Day but fell into disrepair.  Two Air Force historians found it and began the task of restoring it to it’s original Nazi-killing glory.

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