Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Yeah, that’s kinda the deal with today’s Locals Only news update…

Things we’re eyeing for today include:

  • Red flag warnings continue all over the state including the Jersey Shore… careful with that flame because our forests are wicked dry.  I was out on a trail run on Tuesday in Allaire and I can confirm.  We’re talking early-summer sandy conditions.
  • Legal recreational pot is finally in Atlantic City.  Glory days are here again.
  • Has your rent gone up?  You ain’t alone…
  • Toms River has announced their outdoor dining program is coming back and that’s pretty awesome…
  • Financial problems looming at NJ Transit.

  • That wildfire in Burlington County is now 95% contained.

    Wildfire season is in full swing. Residents are asked to be wary.

    Ocean County, NJ. Wildfire season is proving to be more severe this spring because of the dry winter.

    Fire officials say it’s burned 290 acres. Granted that’s small compared to wild fires out west, and even the latest one in Ocean County that is contained but continues to smolder and burn. That’s at least 1000 acres. Dry, breezy conditions in the state and here on the shore leading to red flag warnings for residents to practice extreme fire safety to avoid a real problem.

  • Marijuana in the news! 

    Two locals stand on a corner in Atlantic City near where the first recreational pot sales will take place.

    Atlantic City, NJ. Two locals stand on a corner in Atlantic City near where the first recreational pot sales will take place. Also, not far from another street corner where other non-legal pot sales go down.

    Legal weed is finally coming to Atlantic City.  Mayor Marty Small signed a cannabis business license Wednesday for M-P-X N-J on New York Avenue, allowing the company to become the first in the city to sell recreational cannabis.  Sales begin today:  April 20th.  It’s historic to have legal weed in AC.  Before this, if you wanted marijuana in Atlantic City, you had to go to almost any street corner.  But you risked your life when you flashed your cash.  So… maybe safer.

  • The rent is too damn high.

    Zillow is reporting the rent prices are going up.  Average rent for a house went up 8% over the last year in 8 counties.  Median rent in the state is $2400 a month, $250 more than the national average.

  • Outdoor dining in Toms River? Don't mind if I do.

    Earlier this week we announced that Red Bank’s outdoor dining that began during COVID is coming back to Broad street this summer.  Broadwalk, they call it.  Today we get the announcement that Toms River’s outdoor dining on Washington street is coming back too.  Between 5:00 and 9:00 in the evening on summer Fridays and Saturdays it’s Downtown Nite Out.

  • NJ Transit, going broke.

    New Jersey Transit is looking at a deficit of nearly a billion dollars by 2027.  957 million to be exact.  So, they’re starting to talk now about how to deal.  Service cuts, rate hikes, corporate restructuring and so forth.  They say they haven’t raised fares in 8 years.  Federal pandemic relief transit funding is running out.

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