Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Carl Craft

A thousand bucks doesn’t go as far as it used to these days. Or does it?! Winning a cool thousand bucks with The Money Shot contest heard on 95.9 The Rat at 8a, 10a, Noon, 3p, and 5p would be an awesome thing to happen!

As you know, it’s easy to win.  Just text the Money Shot Code word that we announce on air to 45911 and then wait for a call back from the home office.

But, what would I, me – Carl Craft – do with an extra thousand bucks in my bank account?!  Well… I can tell ya.  I’d turn it into a damn good time!

First, though, I’d put aside about 25% for taxes so I don’t have to pay taxes for this prize when the tax man comes knocking on my door.  And you know, that tax man will come knocking!

  • Specialty Glassware For My Bourbon

    I’m a sucker for a tasty bourbon.  And I’m even more of a sucker for a cool glass to put that bourbon in.  I dig these glasses for my neat bourbon because they feature the outlines of some of the world’s most famous mountain tops.  Bonus points if you’ve actually been at the top of the mountain that is at the bottom of your glass!  (FYI:  Neat means no ice and no mixer, but you knew that!)

    North Drinkware - Bring the mountains home.

    Made in USA mountain whiskey and beer glasses celebrating iconic peaks


  • Bourbon Of The Month Club

    Put those glasses front and center with a Bourbon of the Month Club.  There’s a bunch to choose from that you can find on the internet.  For me, the best choice will be the club that I know will send me mostly bourbon I haven’t tried before.  Those of you who really know me know that is pretty hard to do!  They better have some good stuff up their sleeve!

    Bourbon tasting glasses

    A bourbon of the month club gives me a chance to taste new stuff every few weeks!


  • A Limo For A Brewery Tour

    You got that right!  If I hit a grand in The Money Shot I’d drop it on a limousine so that me and my boys could have an awesome night out hitting up all of our favorite local breweries.  Icarus in Lakewood, Bradley Brew Project in Bradley Beach, Carton in Highlands, maybe even sneak into Source in Colts Neck.  Transportation is on me, fellas!

    Hugh Hefners Limo

    I’d rent a limo to take me and the boys on a local brewery tour! Maybe I’d even hire Hugh Heffner’s limo! LOL!


  • I'd Drop Coin On High-End Meat For My Smoker

    That’s right.  I’d hit up the internet and score some serious Kobe level brisket.  Some wicked good pork butt, the best high-end foul you’ve ever heard of.  I’d ship that stuff in over night and get it on my smoker and then, my friend, the real party would begin!

    BBQ Grill

    Seriously high-end meat would give me a chance to treat my peeps to some awesome smoked brisket, pulled pork, and chicken! Yeah!

  • Amusement Park Season Passes

    If I won a grand on The Money Shot I’d be looking to drop a bunch of it on season passes to my kids’ favorite local amusement parks!  Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach, look out we’re coming your way!  Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor… me and the boys are going to be all over you!  My boys love those water park rides and roller coasters!  We’re all in on that, baby!

    Roller Coaster

    Even with dropping coin on season passes to these local places, I’d have money left over!


  • New Tires For My Car

    This one isn’t so sexy, but, hey my sled needs some fresh rubber sometime before the winter weather rolls around.  A cool thousand bucks would be a nice way to spend that dough comfortably instead of having to budget it or pull out of savings!

    View of Tires

    9 Mar 2001: A general view of new and used Firestone racing tires during the Monterrey Grand Prix, part of the CART FedEx Championship Series at Fundora Park in Monterrey, Mexico.Mandatory Credit: Jamie Squire /Allsport

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