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Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

I’m not Homer Simpson when it comes to donuts. I like donuts, but I’d never eat just any donuts.

I’m not a donut snob or anything, I just don’t love them enough to eat them on a regular basis, unless I come across an exceptional donut, or at least a really, really good donut. Introduce me to a baker who makes incredible donuts and my glass of milk will be poured before the donut box is open.

If I had to guess, I probably eat a tad more than a dozen or so in a year.

I remember the Simpson’s episode where Homer Simpson is sitting at the controls of the nuclear power plant talking to himself out loud, saying, “I’d sell my soul for a donut?”

Then his nemesis, Flanders, appears in the doorway as the devil with a contract and hot pen in hand and offers Homer a donut for his soul.

Homer signs the contract and then a creature appears out of thin air wearing an apron that says, Hell’s Kitchen.” The creature is holding a tray, and under the cloche is the donut Homer desires.

It’s Homer’s typical pink frosted donut with sprinkles. For me, it’s hardly worth selling one’s soul for.

Flanders states to Homer, “The instant you finish it, I own your soul.” Homer already shoving the confection down his throat, stops before his very last bite and says, “Hey, wait, if I don’t finish this last bite, you don’t get my soul, do you?” The devil responds, “technically, no.”

Does Homer at some point eat that last bite?” You’ll have to watch that Tree House of Horror episode on YouTube.

I know that there are some amazing donut shops here on the Jersey Shore, but are any of them worth selling your soul for?

Here’s Part 1 of the list based on comments I found on several message boards, and food sites run by regular folks who tell us where the really good donuts can be found in Monmouth, Ocean, and beyond.

  • Ferrara's Island Bakery - 2900 Long Beach Blvd, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

    The sign displayed out front says, “Best Jelly Donut On The Planet.” That’s a pretty bold statement. I have come across a few dozen folks who agree. I have also heard the apple fritters and the cannolis are ridiculously good. Hey, if you don’t agree with the jelly donut proclamation, they have 25 other varieties to choose from.

  • The Crazy Baker Cafe - 1071 NJ-37 #5, Toms River, NJ 08755

    I spotted a photo of a jelly donut from the Crazy Baker on one of my favorite Facebook food pages. I couldn’t get there fast enough because the donut in the photo was ooozing with jelly. I walked in, saw the jelly donut, and another jelly donut next to it with an extra generous helping of peanut butter mousse piped on top. I bought them both with the intention of sharing at least one of them with my husband. The PB&J didn’t make it into my husband’s mouth, but the regular jelly donut did.

    Peanut butter & Jelly donut



  • Uncle Dood’s Donuts - 4 Robbins St, Toms River, NJ 08753

    This corner donut shop always serve up their donuts hot and fresh because they’re made to order. The menu changes from month to month and you can even customize your donuts. The Vermont Swine donut will make you swoon! It’s a maple iced donut loaded with bacon bits. They have a peanut butter cup donut that calls my name in the middle of the night. These guys really push the boundaries by coming up with some crazy cool creations, and they’ve won a bunch of local and state awards. They also carry vegan and gluten free options. They have some of the best donuts in Ocean County for sure.

  • Purple Glaze Donuts etc. - 516 Summerfield Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

    Another donut shop where the donuts are made fresh to order. Now that’s true customer service.  They have classics like, Boston Creme and jelly donuts. Fancy filled donuts like, the Holey Cannoli – a chocolate iced donut, with mini chocolate chips, and creamy homemade cannoli filling, and the Banana Cream Pie donut- A Vanilla iced donut, Graham Cracker Crumbs, Banana Cream, Vanilla Whip Filling, and  Banana Chips.  They also cater to folks who are Vegan and Gluten-Free. When you pop into Purple Glaze, take a look at the board for “The Music Donut Of The Week.”  It usually revolves around artists and the songs they sing.  I’ll bet since they’ve been in business, there was a Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Purple Glaze donut.


  • Village Donut Shop - 45 Cassville Rd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527

    Another gem of a donut shop that makes great jelly donuts. I resisted stopping by last week on my way to Robbinsville to take my cat for his surgery. If the cat wasn’t in the car, I would have stopped and grabbed the double stuffed Boston Cream donut and probably a half dozen more including the cannoli donut. The people here are so nice and friendly. It’s a tiny place, so be patient if there are people waiting outside to grab a breakfast sandwich or donuts. Cash is king here. Open 5am to 11am.

    Village Donut Shop - Jackson, NJ

    VILLAGE DONUT SHOP, 45 Cassville Rd, Jackson, NJ 08527, 40 Photos, Mon - Closed, Tue - 5:00 am - 11:00 am, Wed - 5:00 am - 11:00 am, Thu - 5:00 am - 11:00 am, Fri - 5:00 am - 11:00 am, Sat - 5:00 am - 12:00 pm, Sun - 5:00 am - 12:00 pm



  • The O.G Creamery - 317 Ocean Gate Ave, Ocean Gate, NJ 08740

    Now I’ve done it, I found you a place that sells donuts and ice cream. It’s almost like heaven. When you pull up to this pretty pink gem of a place, you automatically feel happy and ready to choose your collection of donuts. The donuts here are very well thought out creative confections of goodness. I love all things peanut butter and I was told they have a few different peanut butter types of donuts in rotation including one called “The Peanut Butter Explosion.”  Thanks to the family who runs this place for always being kind, friendly and creative. Now get in the car and grab some donuts and ice cream.

  • Mochinut - 335 US-9, Manalapan Township, NJ 07726

    According to their website:  Mochi donuts are a combination of American donuts and Japanese Mochi.  These unusual confection originated in Hawaii and gaining popularity, owing it’s unique shape and wonderful texture;light crispy coating with a soft chewy inside.

    It kind of looks like a bunch of donut holes attached together in a circle. I was told that they are kind of  like a funnel cake and a yeast donut had a baby.

    Crunchy on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside.  Elizabeth S. said her kids are obsessed with these donuts, as well as the Boba tea, and the Korean potato hot dogs.  Even though Mochinut is a chain, they only have one location in the Monmouth – Ocean area. The others are in Princeton, Montclair, and Summit. I’d give it a shot for the uniqueness factor.

  • Ob-Co's Donuts - 547 Fischer Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08753

    This place has been bangin’ out donuts, crullers, and other assorted pastry goods since 1953.  They use recipes passed down from generation, to generation. The little red house cranks out hundreds of doughnuts ever single  day.  My friend Jimmy treats his co-workers at BC Express to a couple of dozen donuts nearly every Friday.  Folks visiting the Shore and locals alike wait outside in their cars starting at 5am to get their hands on some of the best donuts in the area. Getting their early is key, because these homemade goodies sell out fast. 

    Please don’t ignore the eclairs, they are wonderful.

  • Broad Street Dough Co. - 2005 NJ-35, Oakhurst, NJ 07755 & 177 Elton Adelphia Rd, Freehold Township, NJ 07728

    Our sales people tend to spring sweets on us every now and again. The last time we had donuts at the studio, they came from Broad Street Dough Company’s Oakhurst location.  The donuts are hot & fresh and worth the hype. So many of my online friends have posted donuts from this place. Again, we have a place that makes custom made creations with a wide array of options.  The creativity at this place is on another level. If you visit the website, I can guarantee you’ll be planning a trip to this joint.

  • Beignets - 45 Broadway #1, Denville, NJ 07834

    Stepping out of the Monmouth-Ocean area and heading to Denville for an extra special treat. A really terrific store with menu items prepared for you on the spot from beignets, to donuts. When I think of Beignets, it automatically takes my mind to the French Quarter, the historic heart of New Orleans.

    Beignets are thought to have migrated with French settlers and were introduced to the Pelican State when settlers decided to call Louisiana their home. 

    Here at Beignets in Denville, they churn out plenty  these delightful square, deep fried dough pillows covered in powdered sugar.

      They have donut flavors that range from Caramel Bacon, to “Morgan’s Sundae”, a confection made up of a banana glaze, nuts, chocolate chips, and rainbow sprinkles. Another family owned business where all family members have contributed to it’s creation since it’s inception.

  • D'Ercole Donuts - 489 Tappan Rd, Northvale, NJ 07647

    Bergen County never tasted so good. The donuts here look like they are made with love. This family owned operation makes their donuts in small batches throughout the day to ensure they are fresh and delicious every time.

    No peanut butter donuts for me. D’Ercole Donuts are proudly tree nut and peanut free since opening their doors. Cake donuts, Devil’s Food cake donuts, and cake donuts that change with the season. Look out, Pumpkin Spice will haunt your soul any minute now. I am very happy to know that they make the old fashioned sour cream donut that I adored as a child.

    Get your donuts and other assorted bakery items here, and don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee.

  • Glaze Donuts - Various Locations including Fort Lee, New Milford, West Caldwell, Nutley, and Garden State Plaza

    The cover photo of this article was taken by my foodie friend, Jeff Ananson at one of the Glaze locations here in N.J. I mention Jeff occasionally because his food radar is calibrated perfectly. He is one of many who inspire me.

    Another creative donut shop that has ice cream on their menu and it’s made from scratch. Fresh donuts, and homemade ice cream. Another foodie mentioned that during the Fall season, they make Sweet Corn donuts.

    The rest of their unique menu includes some of your favorite classics as well as out of the ordinary creations such as the Blueberry Crumb Cream Cheese, The Kronut; a cross between a croissant and a donut, New Jersey Cheesecake, and the Ring Ding donut.  I think I may be consuming more donuts this year after researching this place.

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