It’s time to honor the legend, ladies and germs.   And his name is “Weird” Al Yankovic.   For he is the Song Parody King.   And today…we salute him.

“Weird” Al has been on fire lately.   He had a fictitious movie made about starring Daniel Radcliffe (a.k.a. Harry Potter) and has also won a Grammy in recent years.   He’s also the master of music and comedy.

So, enjoy the “Weird” Al photo gallery below followed by our list…complete with videos…of East Side Dave’s Top 5 “Weird” Al Songs!   Enjoy, folks!

  • 5.) Amish Paradise

    Massive hit for “Weird” Al and parody of the Coolio classic.

  • 4.) The Saga Begins

    “Weird” Al shows his love of Star Wars with this classic while parodying Don McLean.

  • 5.) Smells Like Nirvana

    Amazing parody of Nirvana.

  • 2.) Like A Surgeon

    “Weird” Al is better than Madonna.

  • 1.) Eat It

    “Weird” Al takes on Michael Jackson and hits it out f the park.

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