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A child blows out the candles on her birthday cake. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Happy birthday, Rat Rockers!   It’s that special time of year where we’re all about celebrating YOU!   It’s your day!!

And…hell…it’s your party and you can cry if you want to!   But we’d prefer you to be happy!   So we’re gonna give you a birthday instructional manual…an ultimate guide (if you will) to a successful party!

Scroll down below for the video guide to a fantastic party!   And happy birthday!

  • Make sure there's enough candles on the cake no matter how old they are...

    Some of our loved ones are up there in age…make sure you have enough candles for the cake!   While number candles are acceptable…we prefer the old school method of one candle per year and if the person is 80 years old, we’re just gonna accept that our cake is a fire hazard!   But who cares!   It’s a birthday party!

  • Make sure you show everyone the cake...

    Lots of people go out of their way to get a nice cake…make certain that everyone sees it.   It’s just the right thing to do.

  • Remember, some people don't like surprise parties...

    Listen…you may like ’em…I may like ’em…but not everyone likes surprise parties.   Like Momo below.   Now that I think about it…it’s probably a wise idea to NOT surprise gangsters of any kind with a party.

  • Careful with the invitations...bad relatives can ruin a birthday...

    Remember: this is YOUR party!   Be careful with the invitations!   Only invite people who are gonna make it fun and leave the wet blankets at home!

  • Pace yourself at the party...

    Yes, yes, yes…it’s your birthday…we know…you told us…like…eighty-six times.   And you know why you keep repeating yourself?   Because you’re hammered, bro…I told you to pace yourself!

  • Understand that bad gifts are part of the day...

    Sometimes you receive a present that just plain sucks…you just gotta deal with it…especially if that gift tries to kill you.

  • Expect the unexpected...it's birthday party time!

    Hey, birthday parties are often fun AND unpredictable!   Just go with the flow and have a great time!   Happy birthday, Rat Rocker!

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