Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

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Happy National Brownie Day! I’ve been writing a lot about comfort foods. It’s the season where we subconsciously fatten ourselves up to stay warm for the cold Winter ahead.

I make brownies 2 or 3 times a year. The office begs for them, listeners have asked for them, and of course, my friends and family will never say no to my homemade brownies.

Many years ago, my brownies were turned into a station promotion.

A listener suggested I give them away on the air. I loved the idea, even though it required an extraordinary amount of work.

Of course, we had to go through a lot of red tape getting clearance through our former owners, Greater Media and their legal department.

The liability insurance was up to date, and my kitchen was not a health hazard. So, off we went with the “Win Rockyn Robyn’s Bad Ass Brownies For Your Office.”

People who rock at work with the WRAT, entered every week.

We’d select a winner on Friday. Once a week, usually on a Wednesday, the winning office received a big platter of my freshly baked brownies along with a gallon of milk.

One of our promo dudes would hop into the RAT van and personally deliver the goods.

I loved that promotion!

Sadly, we had to stop doing it after several months. It seems that someone at another radio station tried to copy my idea and wound up making one of their listeners sick. The listener filed a lawsuit, and then it was lights out for “Rockyn Robyn’s Bad Ass Brownies.”

Our corporate folks got wind of it and asked me to cancel the contest for good.

I even offered to have the county health department come to my house to inspect my kitchen, but the corporate legal folks still said no.

When I’m not baking my own brownies, I head out to a local bakery, or I find my favorite baking Goddesses, Amy & Lisa from “Must Get Sconed”.


Read Lisa & Amy’s Story Here

When I first sought out Amy & Lisa at Bell Works Marketplace in Holmdel, they gifted me the absolute best brownie I ever ate. It was this luxurious peanut butter brownie cake. My first thought after taking a bite, “If there’s a bakery in Heaven, this is the Earthly model.”

Now it’s time to find the best brownies on the Jersey Shore. Hopefully, your favorite made the list.

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