Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Robyn Lane

Pete & Elda's

I follow a whole slew of pages that focus on specific foods, pizza, burgers, subs…etc. I really like following the guys who created the “Jersey Pizza Joints” page..

These guys are hardcore. There are rare dust ups and occasional disagreements, but overall, the page is filled with passionate pizza lovers who want you to try their favorite places. Some of these people eat pizza several times a week.

I became somewhat of a fan of thin crust pizza a few months after moving to the Garden State over 25 years ago. Vic’s in Bradley Beach, and Pete & Elda’s in Neptune City were the restaurants chosen by my co-workers to initiate me into the thin crust pizza club.

WOW!! Pizza with a crunch! I thought that was kind of neat. The thin crust initiation was rather eye opening. I look back and think I was kind of sheltered and set in my ways when it came to pizza.
Recently, I have noticed quite a few people online in various parts of the state, asking for recommendations on where they can find the best thin crust pizza in New Jersey.

Matt Denton, one of the members of the “Jersey Pizza Joints” page, was the most recent to ask these questions:

Where is the best place in Jersey to get the following:
1. The best traditional thin crust pizza.
2. Where the crust cracks when you fold it in half.
3. And orange cheese grease runs down your arm when you pick up and hold the folded slice to eat it.
4. No fancy wood fired brick ovens, just the traditional neighborhood steel pizzeria oven.
Please provide location in addition to name.

Back in September, Raymond Danner asked, “Who has the best thin crust ( Dime coin thin ) pizza in NJ?”

Now it’s time to reveal the answers to Matt and Raymond’s questions.

Let’s take a journey through New Jersey to see where these passionate thin crust pizza lovers go.

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