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Best Sausage & Peppers On The Seaside Boardwalk 2024 is not a list to be compiled lightly. I learned a valuable lesson when I wrote my first list last year when I innocently overlooked what some people, not everyone, but some people consider the unquestioned Sausage King Of Seaside. Well, I thought I best not waste that lesson learned this year. So I gave that wonderful Sausage & Peppers stand a fair shot as soon as they opened in their new location on the Boardwalk this Spring. Let’s just say I won’t be making the same mistake twice. They made the list. Who else makes the best sawseeege on the Seaside boards? Let’s find out!

Sausage Sizzle
Robert Cianflone
(Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

First, My Criteria

Another mistake I made last year was I wasn’t clear about 2 things. One: that this is just one fat kid’s opinion on sandwiches he’s tasted. Two: I don’t care if you don’t like my opinion. You and your opinion are just as valid as mine, and vice versa. I feel the need to say that because last time I checked, unless I have some master culinary judges reading my articles, Your belly or taste buds do not make you any more of a sausage and pepper sandwich expert than I am, Frankie. (Apologies to you if your name is Frankie, I was just looking for a generic, sausage-eating guy on the boardwalk name).

So my criteria is simple: I ate Sausage and Pepper sandwiches, from places ONLY ON THE SEASIDE BOARDWALK, not the Boulevard, not a side street, not Toms River. The Seaside Heights Boardwalk from Funtown down to the end by Ortley Beach. I started Memorial Day Weekend and finished up this past weekend. I tried about a dozen sausage and pepper sandwiches. Here are my 5 Best Sausage & Peppers on the Seaside Boardwalk 2024. I’m sure I will upset you at some point.

  • Dentato's Clam Bar 1205 Boardwalk

    I mean, am I putting them at number one because I foolishly left them off the top 5 last year? Am I putting them at number one because of the sad story of being booted from the Casino Pier stand where they were for so many years, only to find a nice stand on the northside of the boardwalk? No and No. They do something that makes their sausage and peppers sando taste better. It’s that simple. Maybe it’s grease, maybe it’s love. Maybe it’s just as well that we never know. Dentato’s is the best.

  • Midway Steak House 500 Boardwalk

    Never have I ever seen a place cause so much controversy as Midway. You either have fond memories of growing up going to the boardwalk and seeing that yellow spinning sign, or you now hate it for what it’s not, or what it has become. I dunno, I still think they do a good job. Is the price higher and the bread smaller. Yeah, but hey they still have the hot peppers and hot sauce! Plus their new bar next door is pretty bad ass. Still one of my favs.

  • Surf Grill 800 Boardwalk

    WHAT!!!! NO HE DIDN’T! Oh stop it.

    For those of you who don’t know and feel the address is familiar, Surf Grill is in the old spot where Dentato’s was in the Casino Pier area of the boardwalk. Went there and had split both a cheesesteak and sausage and peppers. Both were very tasty and I especially liked the older guy running the show. He was totally quarterbacking the place. Firm but kind to the kids working the register and the fella manning the grill. Plus they had Cholula hot sauce, and I’m a sucker for Cholula.



  • Sawmill 1807 Boardwalk Seaside Park

    Nope. Never not gonna have them on the list. The place is a gem. Like your big old jolly uncle. He might smell like beer and have a stain on his wife beater, but you know when you’re in his presence, it’s a good time. Would I like the sausage and peppers sandwiches to be as big as the pizza slice? Meh, maybe, but I’m not gonna bitch. My mouth is full.

  • Jimbo's Bar & Grill 715 Boardwalk

    My apologies to Marathon and 3 Brothers, two contenders that made a strong taste for the top 5, but I round out this year’s top 5 with Jimbo’s. Smell it from the boards. It lures you in like that girl in high school wearing Anais Anais.  Come on..You remember! Anyway, there they are on the flat top in all their porky goodness. One of those babies and a cold draft beer. Damn, that’s America right there, son.

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